Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Storm in Perth yesterday 22nd March 2010

This is the damage from the storm that hit Perth and surrounding areas Yesterday,
Monday 22nd March 2010.

There is considerable damage as you can see. Thought you might be interested!

If I get more photos OR you would like to add yours - add a comment (which is moderated - meaning I have to check before posting) and leave your email address - I contact you right back!


  1. Nice photos - love the one under the tree.

    (Would prefer higher quality JPEGs than BMP though).

  2. yeah well beggars can't be choosers! - I might try and re-do again later - I think they came from a mobile hook up - still no power from the location they were sent.
    My favourite was the hail on the grass and the last one from the building - showing th storm front coming in
    Check back in 3-4 hours and I'll see what I can do
    Thanks for the comments

  3. That last one is awesome with just that patch of blue sky disappearing. It's so hard to explain to those who didn't see it how it was just like that, summer blue sky and then the clouds just rolling in like that. And then waking up this morning to another beautiful summer day.

  4. I like the top two. Not long ago Melbourne had similiar storms. the shredded trees, the hail everywhere, the drains blocked by hail and rubbish and overflowing. Windows broken and then once it passed the skies cleared.
    What spooked me the most were the security alarms going off in the distance and 2hours, still not being attended to because the roads were blocked.
    These photos came via our Perth office - who still don't have power. All ery interesting!
    Thanks for the comment

  5. A few photos here,

  6. Andrew - thanks for that - I like the 2nd and 3rd photos - I think one the easily visible destruction and the other showing creativness of the beer and buckets and hailstones!

    Thanks for sharing