Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Intermittent fault – first time for everything

Been home since Sunday, phone hasn’t worked properly since we got home and not sure how long it hadn’t been working prior to that.

The fault is intermittent, it’s like chasing ghosts, you unplug handset A, unplug handset B. Then plug in A. It doesn’t work. You plug in B, then it works, you take handset A to socket B and plug in, It works, then you check 2 seconds later and it’s not working.

You can’t report a fault like that. For two days I’ve waited. I’ve waited until I can prove there is a fault. Sure enough incoming call today and it disappears in static.

Enough is enough. I call Telstra from the same phone line and it too disappears in static.

I pick up my secondary line (which I pay for) and is far more stable than my main incoming line and call.

Today Telstra were extremely helpful. Or should I say that Bien was extremely helpful. Today she offered to divert my phone to my mobile (this has been refused before)

My secondary line is in the back of the house and is hard to hear if ringing, that’s why I wanted diverted to my mobile.

Previously I’ve been forced to go to work with a broken leg, because I can’t stay home because the phones weren’t working. It was February, a couple of years before the Black Saturday Fires. My sense of danger wasn’t wrong, just the wrong year.

Today’s resolution date is 5th February, it’s currently the 3rd February. Fingers crossed this time

Prior history can been seen at Telstra - History

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