Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another trip to the dentist

For many years I’ve had problems with my teeth, little niggly problems, that I’m sure others have similar experiences, but in reality I’m not so sure!

In 1986 I needed to see a dentist, first time, since flying the coop. I found a dentist, one that I thought was good, top end of Collins Street, Melbourne and all.

Seemed to spend a lot of time in the chair. Maybe because the bills were always paid on time, or because I was young and stupid. I don’t know.

Not long after the dreaded wisdom teeth started to put in an appearance, and true to form, nothing could be simple, of course they were impacted ALL 4 of them! The symptoms were massive migraine type headache that would incapacitate me for days on end. Only solution a full general anaesthetic, so of course booked into one of the private hospital in the inner Melbourne area.

I crawl/walk out of hospital after having a reaction to the anaesthetic (of course!) and then the real pain started.

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) possibly due to the over-extension of my jaw during the extractions – who knows. It meant that I was unable to eat a forkful of food, I was unable to raise myself off the floor when lying on my stomach. And they are just the things I remember (besides the pain)

I trundle back off to the dentist, who installs a splint (removable thing, that is supposed to rest the jaw muscles) 2 years later and no real improvement. Next solution (remember I trust this guy) grind my adult teeth down to try and improve my bite, again no success.

So two options left, keep the splint (making me lisp and making employment involving a telephone useless) OR spend LOTS of money on orthodontics. Of course, being young and stupid I took the second option.

2 years later, the pain is reduced, the headaches still evidence, I’ve got straight teeth, I’ve spent enough money for a house deposit and still got problems. FFS!

Essentially I give up. But every 12months or so – regardless of how often or well I brush my teeth – I end up with a tooth infection/abscess. Doesn’t matter if I get 6 monthly check-ups or not. The same thing happens almost every year.

Because of high pain tolerances, The only symptom is something similar to sinus pain, and a headache to boot. The first time it happened, took the GP 6 months to realise what the problem was and because there was no surface pain I had no idea.

It’s happened again (6-7th time), this time I’ll bypass the GP and head straight to the dentist. Ayn is used to me and my self-diagnosis, and I’ve not been wrong yet.

By the way – a Chiro helped with the headaches and I’m still seeing him now, once a month, and it’s well worth the money (my hubby calls him a fish monger!) But I don’t care if it works for the body or the mind, then that is all that matters!


  1. I swear by the chiro.

  2. so agreed. With everything else that's happened in my life, before and after this 'little' event - I don't think I'd be able to walk without my chiro.
    To me he's not just a chiro - but also my friend!