Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anti-bacterial wipes, sprays, hand-washes

It is now fashionable to carry and use copious amounts of anti-bacterial ‘goo’ I can not understand why – I can’t fathom why people would knowingly place their immune system at risk of permanently breaking down.

As a parent I made a deliberate decision not to allow anti-bacterial anything into my house, other than when my child was under 12 months old and really that was only Milsons Sterilizing Tablets for the baby bottles and teats .

My house is clean – I allow cleaning products into the house, bleach is a brilliant cleaner, sanatiser, anti-bacteria preventative. My children rarely go to the doctors for infections of any kind, in fact just the other day, my daughter wanted to know why she never has antibiotics when all her other friends have them all the time. She thought she was missing out on something.

I purposely made my house an ‘anti’ anti-bacterial wash/powder/spray zone because I believe that they are causing more people to be sick rather than stay well.

I understand that in a hospitals where the immune system is compromised and with the assistance of anti-bacterial hand washes many infections have been cut off at the pass. But to use these products in the general community I believe is asking for trouble.

By using these products we are inviting our children to become sick, we are asking for their immunity to become compromised. These types of anti-bacterial products actually cause the bugs that cause sickness to become stronger and more resistant to the antibiotics that we currently have in use today.

Antibiotics were first an effective medication about 1890, The first sign of antibiotic resistant was noted in 1943. Since that date, the number of infections caused by resistant bacteria is climbing on a daily basis. Some infections can only be treated by other means that are not antibiotic reliant. This problem is becoming bigger and bigger.

It is possible that within a matter of years the ‘super’ bug will cause more deaths than knife wounds and bullets.

As a household do you purposely look for cleaning products, hand washes that are NOT anti-bacterial?

Do you use these often and purchase them for exactly that purpose?

I would like your input – am I the only crazy one in this world or do others stand beside me on my little island?

Feedback appreciated.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Budgeting Money

Do you struggle pay the bills? Not because you don’t get paid enough – but all the money seems to disappear before your very eyes?

There is a really easy answer. It’s so simple you won’t quite believe how easy it can be.

I’m not selling anything, in fact I’m not even giving anything away – other than sharing with you a few tips that I have learnt whilst living life in the lean lane for many years.

First thing you need to do – calculate how much your bills really are, from the car registration to the insurance to the electricity bill and even your mobile phone and land rates. Everything that you have to pay on a monthly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis – write these down on a piece paper, noting when the amounts have to be paid.

Now break these figures down into the same period that you get paid, so if you get paid weekly, divide the monthly due figures by 4.5, if yearly divide by 52. This will bring all figures into line with the pay period.

I get paid weekly
Car Registration $600 per year, therefore $11.54 per week
Car Insurance $700 per year, therefore $13.46 per week
Mobile phone $50 per month, therefore $11.11 per week
Water rates $150 per year, therefore $2.88 per week

This is only part of my costs, but it works out at $38.99 per week, this is the amount of money I need EACH AND EVERY week to pay my bills, without anything else going wrong.

Go to your bank and set up a separate account into which this money is paid into directly from your wages account.

Then use that money to pay the bills when they come in – utilize the pay early discounts and set things up when you receive the bills – so they are automatically paid on the day. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it when the bill is due.

Believe it or not – although it seems hard for the first couple of weeks/months, you will actually have more money and better cash flow because you are not taking chunks out of your regular account to pay the bills!.

It’s easy – do it now – don’t pretend it’s hard. The hardest bit is going to the bank and setting up the 2nd account.

It worked for me and I am still amazed at how much money I really have these days AND I am not worried about the bills AND I am managing to put some money away for a rainy day. That wasn't possible before!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recycling and Re-Useable Carry Bags

Do you recycle? Can you be bothered recycling? Do you consider recycling to be in the too hard basket? Do you think recycling doesn’t make any difference so why bother?

I bother, not because I worry about future generations, but because I am lazy and also hate to see waste. Why wheel the bins down the street, when I can use a compost bin and my chooks to get rid of waste. I don’t buy things in single serve packaging, I just can’t be bothered buying 10 of them. I would rather buy one large item and use as needed. Plus it’s cheaper! This method both saves money and also excessive plastic packaging of the individual items.

Aluminum cans in our house are recycled, the kids collect them and then we transport them to the local steel recyclers. This is their pocket money for Christmas presents. People say why bother? – I bother because it teaches my children responsibility. Responsibility for their actions (they have to work all year to achieve the desired result) and also that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Plastic bags are another bug bear of mine – not because I hate them – but for 20 years I have NEVER bought a plastic bag off the shelf – I have always used the bags from the supermarket shopping for the bin liners, for the school excursion trip, for the lunch that hubby takes to work. For the dirty pair of shoes that needs to be packed. Even for the dirty/wet washing that needs to be packed when holidaying.

Soon I am going to be forced to BUY (God forbid) plastic bags for the bin liners, for the dirty shoes for the wet and dirty washing. This goes against my grain.

The ‘Green’ bags that you see people carting to the supermarket are not actually that ‘green’ friendly. Each green bag is ‘worth’ 1.2 thin plastic bags, and we will still be reaching for bags to line the bins with, pack the dirty shoes etc.

Green bags are not what I consider to be recycling, simply because their manufacture actually involves the same problems, along with disposal when they wear out. And new material is being taken off the shelves to replace what was previously recycled!

I know of some families that will not serve food left-over from the night before’s meal. They would rather throw the food out than be seen to be eating left-overs. I consider this to be grossly wasteful and these people should be ashamed that they are wasting perfectly good food for the sake of vanity.

In our house left-overs are probably the best meal we can have. Often a meal of left-overs involves meals from 2 or 3 nights, which means there is a variety of food available and often food tastes far better the 2nd time round.

We use a freezer to preserve the left-overs until we need/want them. Sometimes it will be because only ½ the family is home and something pulled from the freezer is just the right size for 2 or 3 people, rather than cooking a whole new meal.

This not only saves money and food, but also energy costs which in turn saves more money. It is rare for our family to cook exactly the required amount. Often we have extra heads for a meal, often some family members can’t make it home. So the meal is considered a meal for ‘Ron’ – meaning later on and placed in the freezer.

A saying that has my grandmother used to use and I think goes back to the 2nd World War – “Waste not, want not” and it is something that I live by and something that I am proud say my children also believe in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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Waiting – it is something we do every day. Sometimes for big things, sometimes for small things.

Some people are excited when they wait – they are waiting for the birth of a child, notice that they have been successful with the job application. This type of waiting we love.

Some people are sad when they wait – they are waiting for the time to say goodbye to a loved one, be it human or animal. – This type of waiting we all wish we didn’t have to endure

Some people are anxious when they wait – they are waiting to see how they went in the school exams, they are waiting for test results from a medical test. – This type of waiting we all endure and we rejoice when the news is good and cry when the news is bad.

Some people wait for the pain to go – sometimes this pain is physical sometimes this pain is mental. Physical pain will almost always go away either with time or medication. Mental pain is something that has to be dealt with on a personal level and some people never recover.

Today I am waiting – I am waiting for the pain to be alleviated with medication. I am lucky – my pain can be eased, sometimes even removed, albeit temporarily.

You know somebody in every category from the above. If someone is suffering and it doesn’t matter which type of pain. Say "Are you okay?". It’s three words, they don't cost anything and many people in their rush to get to work, or home or to that very important dinner date, forget the value of the spoken word. It doesn’t cost a cent and yet means so much more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Twitter V Facebook V other social media

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I don’t pretend to be an expert on any of these things. I am a user plain and simple.
I don’t want to make money from any of these applications, money is not the aim of my game.
Intelligent conversation, intelligent debate these are the two things that I look for when participating with anything on the internet.

I have no need for my photo to be plastered all over the place and the same goes for my children. If I am not prepared to share my face, then I have no right to ‘share’ my children’s images either.

Some people take great delight in sharing photos of family and friends, I have no such inclinations.

Twitter:- I find it a tool that amuses the mind, has the ability to share the interesting and sometimes inane points of our wonderful world. Twitter enables people follow people of similar values and talent and knowledge. I follow some people because they are interesting, I follow others because they provide interesting debate and I follow a third group of people because they are of interest and also provide me with an insight into another way of thinking. Twitter enables you to pop in and out of the conversation and even for the day – and you have missed very little, unless you wish to trawl back over the tweets that have accumulated in your timeline.

Facebook:- I do have an account, I tried it once and found it too time consuming. Stupid little quizzes and games. Seems to appeal to a person who doesn’t have a full-time job. Maybe I am trivialising the whole concept, but the data retention I think is one of the things that turns me off. I like my privacy.

Other Social Media:- which could be anything from forums to chatrooms. I often participate in forums where the debate is intelligent, where the company is good. This can often replace a good book, when the issues are interesting. Chatrooms are a completely different kettle of fish. If you participate in chatrooms, you must be able to fend off the voyeur or the sex mad lunatic. Neither of these people interest me in the slightest.

I suppose (for me) the benefit of Twitter over other applications, is the ability not to eat into your time in the same fashion as other ports of the social media.

If I have offended someone, well – bad luck – this is MY personal view and I am not here to make friends, but I don’t wish to make enemies either.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When you try to help people

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As is my nature – I try to help those that need help – whether it be in at a professional level or a personal level.

Although I believe it is appreciated – there is never a thank-you, never a phone call or even the lazy text message.

Argument in point being someone that I know was looking for a new job – I requested their resume, which took 2 weeks to turn up, as there was a position opening within my current workplace, that I believe they were ideally suited for.

The resume turns up and I am stunned. No wonder they have not been able to get any interviews – the resume was a mess – nothing in point form, all the qualifications on the back page. This is from someone in a high paying white collar position. I offered to re-do it for him when I got time – or alternatively I suggested he locate someone to do a professional looking resume for him – which would cost under $100.00

I managed to get the time to rehash the old resume. Finished it, advised him via text message that I had emailed it to him and asked he let me know his thoughts.

That was 96 hours ago. I called the following day – there was no answer on the phone. Didn’t leave a message – because I thought I had done enough for him.

I am still waiting for acknowledgment for the time and effort I took to assist him. I will not follow this up further and I will not be putting his name forward for the position, as I now have my doubts as to his ability to function properly as a team player and also as a person who is able to complete his job role satisfactorily.

I have decided that this person does not require the position that I was offering, They are unreliable.

Am I being too hard? Did I do the right thing? – let me know – I would be interested in your thoughts.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why I'm going to become an arsehole

You know what?

I'm sick of helping people and then getting walked all over. I'm sick of being nice and helping people who are too lazy to help themselves

I am going to become a selfish git and take everything and give NOTHING.

People want to be treated as they treat others - well here it comes - let's see how they like it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Social Security

I have not dealt with social security for 10 years, maybe longer for the simple reason that the last time I walked in the door - they treated me like s*** and I refused to allow myself to be placed in the same position ever again.

Well, today after 10years I decided stuff it, I watch everyone else reap the rewards of being government loving leeches, so why can't I?

I walk in the door, wait in line, like a good little leech. Reach the desk only to be told by "J" that I have to apply online. Keeping in mind I am not on their lists, I have no participated in the leeching from the government for 10 years, even though I have 2 children and our household some years has managed to survive on as little as $30k a year and still manage to pay off a mortgage and put petrol in the car. (Still haven't figured out how we did it)

Anyway, walked out of said office with a throw over my shoulder of "No wonder, I swore I would never come in here, it's only for losers, suckers and leeches" - God knows why - I think I let my temper get the best of me :(

I get home and figure stuff it - I want my little bit of leeching, same as everyone else, hell I haven't leeched for 10 years, so now I will.

I ring the help line..... and low and behold get a very nice lady by the name of "A" to whom I explained the scenario and she walked me though the entire process and apologised for "J's" rudeness.

Tomorrow's task shall be the online application of what "A" has taught me and perhaps finding the number for complaints for poor customer service. I am sure the Government would like to know that their service to the leeches sucks .