Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anti-bacterial wipes, sprays, hand-washes

It is now fashionable to carry and use copious amounts of anti-bacterial ‘goo’ I can not understand why – I can’t fathom why people would knowingly place their immune system at risk of permanently breaking down.

As a parent I made a deliberate decision not to allow anti-bacterial anything into my house, other than when my child was under 12 months old and really that was only Milsons Sterilizing Tablets for the baby bottles and teats .

My house is clean – I allow cleaning products into the house, bleach is a brilliant cleaner, sanatiser, anti-bacteria preventative. My children rarely go to the doctors for infections of any kind, in fact just the other day, my daughter wanted to know why she never has antibiotics when all her other friends have them all the time. She thought she was missing out on something.

I purposely made my house an ‘anti’ anti-bacterial wash/powder/spray zone because I believe that they are causing more people to be sick rather than stay well.

I understand that in a hospitals where the immune system is compromised and with the assistance of anti-bacterial hand washes many infections have been cut off at the pass. But to use these products in the general community I believe is asking for trouble.

By using these products we are inviting our children to become sick, we are asking for their immunity to become compromised. These types of anti-bacterial products actually cause the bugs that cause sickness to become stronger and more resistant to the antibiotics that we currently have in use today.

Antibiotics were first an effective medication about 1890, The first sign of antibiotic resistant was noted in 1943. Since that date, the number of infections caused by resistant bacteria is climbing on a daily basis. Some infections can only be treated by other means that are not antibiotic reliant. This problem is becoming bigger and bigger.

It is possible that within a matter of years the ‘super’ bug will cause more deaths than knife wounds and bullets.

As a household do you purposely look for cleaning products, hand washes that are NOT anti-bacterial?

Do you use these often and purchase them for exactly that purpose?

I would like your input – am I the only crazy one in this world or do others stand beside me on my little island?

Feedback appreciated.


  1. Hi Heather,

    Totally agree with you. I cannot believe the number of kids with allergies etc - I almost feel like a bad parent because my kids are healthy. I can understand teh use of hand sanitisers in some workplaces but not in offices or our homes


  2. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment.
    Like you I too feel like a bad parent, as pointed out by my daughter seriously thought she was missing out on something by not having antibiotics.
    I honestly don't remember the last time my children had antibiotics (or myself for that matter)
    In fact I don't remember the last time my children went to the doctors!
    Perhaps I am lucky, or perhaps because we do live in a rural area and my kids are outside and play sport and I don't use antibiotic anything is the cause.
    I consider myself lucky.