Thursday, September 17, 2009

When you try to help people

(Moved from my other blog)

As is my nature – I try to help those that need help – whether it be in at a professional level or a personal level.

Although I believe it is appreciated – there is never a thank-you, never a phone call or even the lazy text message.

Argument in point being someone that I know was looking for a new job – I requested their resume, which took 2 weeks to turn up, as there was a position opening within my current workplace, that I believe they were ideally suited for.

The resume turns up and I am stunned. No wonder they have not been able to get any interviews – the resume was a mess – nothing in point form, all the qualifications on the back page. This is from someone in a high paying white collar position. I offered to re-do it for him when I got time – or alternatively I suggested he locate someone to do a professional looking resume for him – which would cost under $100.00

I managed to get the time to rehash the old resume. Finished it, advised him via text message that I had emailed it to him and asked he let me know his thoughts.

That was 96 hours ago. I called the following day – there was no answer on the phone. Didn’t leave a message – because I thought I had done enough for him.

I am still waiting for acknowledgment for the time and effort I took to assist him. I will not follow this up further and I will not be putting his name forward for the position, as I now have my doubts as to his ability to function properly as a team player and also as a person who is able to complete his job role satisfactorily.

I have decided that this person does not require the position that I was offering, They are unreliable.

Am I being too hard? Did I do the right thing? – let me know – I would be interested in your thoughts.


  1. There's a difference between being a helping hand and a doormat. If your help is not appreciated, direct it elsewhere. Resumes are exhausting to get right. And when you put someone forward, it's your reputation at stake. I think you did the right thing. Life's too short to spend it near black holes that suck the life out of you. P. :)

  2. I know Paul and I am trying to get tougher - but it's embedded in my psyche. It's thr way I have been bought up - something to do with being country born and bred I believe.

    Not something easily removed from ones habits.