Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Social Security

I have not dealt with social security for 10 years, maybe longer for the simple reason that the last time I walked in the door - they treated me like s*** and I refused to allow myself to be placed in the same position ever again.

Well, today after 10years I decided stuff it, I watch everyone else reap the rewards of being government loving leeches, so why can't I?

I walk in the door, wait in line, like a good little leech. Reach the desk only to be told by "J" that I have to apply online. Keeping in mind I am not on their lists, I have no participated in the leeching from the government for 10 years, even though I have 2 children and our household some years has managed to survive on as little as $30k a year and still manage to pay off a mortgage and put petrol in the car. (Still haven't figured out how we did it)

Anyway, walked out of said office with a throw over my shoulder of "No wonder, I swore I would never come in here, it's only for losers, suckers and leeches" - God knows why - I think I let my temper get the best of me :(

I get home and figure stuff it - I want my little bit of leeching, same as everyone else, hell I haven't leeched for 10 years, so now I will.

I ring the help line..... and low and behold get a very nice lady by the name of "A" to whom I explained the scenario and she walked me though the entire process and apologised for "J's" rudeness.

Tomorrow's task shall be the online application of what "A" has taught me and perhaps finding the number for complaints for poor customer service. I am sure the Government would like to know that their service to the leeches sucks .


  1. This is a republish yes? As a citizen of Australia, you are entitled to certain things. You are not begging or pleading, you are just getting what you are entitled to.

  2. Andrew - you are right no so much a re-publish as a cleaning out - I moved this from the other blog - to try and tidy things up.

    I've given up with them - The normal and average working people as far as the g'ment are concerned - are not the people they care about. I should have realised that - but doesn't matter.
    I refuse to allow myself to feel like I am begging - easier to go without and know that I can survive without their pissy little attitude

    Thanks for the comment