Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 weekend and 8 dead on Victorian Roads

The weekend just past, the second weekend of November 2011, was a horrific one for the Victorian road toll.
I feel for the emergency services who had to attend the scene, I feel for the people who had to knock on the parents doors. I feel for the kids involved and I feel for the friends of these kids. Because kids are what they are.

I have a 20 year old, driving and when I was teaching her. I made sure she knew the consequences of ‘bad’ behaviour. I hope I have managed to achieve this. We were lucky, we had the opportunity for my daughter to do 200hrs of driving under her ‘L’ plates, which was all noted in her logbook.

I don’t know what the solution is, I honestly don’t.

Kids seem to think they are bullet-proof. We have the luxury of having purchased my daughters car and one of the rules of driving was that any penalty infringements received, would result in the vehicle being confiscated for 1 month PER POINT LOST. We were able to do this, because we PAID for the car and it is OUR right to enforce ANY rules we choose, if she chooses NOT to obey the road rules.

Her response was…. “you can’t do that” Our response was “Yes we can, we own the car and we can do what we please, if it means you are alive to tell your children about it, then we have succeeded.”

Two years later, no infringements have been received. I don’t care HOW we achieved the outcome, but I’d like to think that this rule and the risk of losing ‘her’ car had something to do with it.

Mid-October we witnessed an event of colossal stupidity, It occurred within 10m of our vehicle and in front of about 50 witnesses. A driver, (since disclosed to be about 25yo) did 3 donuts in the middle of a very busy intersection, just because he could. He placed himself and others in extreme danger and thought nothing of it. This same vehicle was also witnessed travelling the wrong way around a round-about some 10 minutes later. It wasn’t peer-group pressure as he was travelling alone.

So why did he do it? Because he thought he could get away with it with no consequences. 

The hoon laws only apply IF YOU get caught……………………..

Every action has a reaction, Teach your children this and perhaps we can save them, one action at a time.


  1. I doubt there would be too many your daughter's age who hasn't received the loss of a point or two. Well done her, and you.

  2. Andrew, I'm not sure what we did right. I have no idea, maybe a lifetime of right from wrong, maybe a lifetime of many many kilometres (we live rural) Maybe the reralisation that mum and dad meant business when they said they would AND could take her car away if any fines were received.
    I don't know what combination worked. I'm just glad that something did.

    Once again, it's been a pleasure being able to publish your post!