Monday, December 26, 2011

Melbourne's Crazy Weather on Christmas Day 2011

Here are some photos I took near Whittlesea as the storms progressed across the city and suburbs - Noting that the sun set at 8.44pm on the 25th December 2011

Melbourne has had some pretty rough weather this last week - these are some of the shots I've managed to capture - noting that each frame is dated and timed AND in date order. just to give you an idea!

18th December 2011 - 22.09hrs - Lightning to the West of Whittlesea

24th December 2011 - 23.11hrs - Lightning to the West of Whittlesea

24th December 2011 - 23.20hrs Lightning to the South East of Whittlesea

24th December 2011 - 23.20hrs Lightning to the West of Whittlesea

24th December 2011 - 23.26hrs Lightning to the South East of Whittlesea

25th December 2011 - 18.13hrs - Now this is interesting - I posted a tweet at approx 6pm "#melbweather - cloud forming in round 'shape' over Greensborough -lightning seen 2B coming from it - Could get interesting/could be nothing" Not long after - reports started coming in of a 'tornado' in the Epping area and the BoM issuing a tornado warning for the Fiskville area!

25th December 2011 - 18.13hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.13hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.13hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.14hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.15hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.15hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 18.17hrs - "Tornado"

25th December 2011 - 19.07hrs - Lightning over the CBD - noting that it is quite hard to capture lightning on film during daylight hours - this was taken at 7.07pm and sunset was 8.44pm
25th December 2011 - 19.09hrs - Lightning over the CBD

25th December 2011 - 21.21hrs - Lightning over the South East Suburbs

25th December 2011 - 21.23hrs - Lightning over the Eastern Suburbs

25th December 2011 - 22.14hrs - Lightning over the Outer Northern Suburbs (Upper Plenty)

25th December 2011 - 22.41hrs - eastern Suburbs

25th December 2011 - 22.43hrs - eastern Suburbs

25th December 2011 - 22.53hrs - eastern Suburbs

The weather Chaser - sequence of radar images, showing the storms moving across Melbourne and Victoria

Youtube - flooding in Eltham

Fitbody Fifty Blog - Blogger lives approx 15km south of me and took a belting and Kek's public album on facebook


  1. At least now I know what the hell that was west of us at around 6:15pm. I yelled to my husband: "Come and LOOK AT THIS!!! I don't know WTF it IS, but I'm guessing it's over Epping, and it's moving FAST and scaring the crap outta me!"

    Who knew it was a tornado? I have quite a few pics on Facebook: I'll put them in order and post them on the blog tomorrow.

  2. That's the one - I have 300 odd photos - when played altogether show some interesting movement.
    When you do post on facebook - contact either here or twitter and I'll link up for you - happy to share!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. FB photos are here:

    I've set this album to public, so it should be visible to anyone.

  4. Good post, Heather.

    I've linked to it on my Facebook have some really good shots of that little storm.

    The Epping tornado funnel is the one that intrigues me. I thought I was seeing things watching northward to one lot of clouds...but this confirms the funnel was definite.

    You got a pic of it from a different angle, whereas I was looking at it from Coburg North.

  5. Hi Geehall - what sent my alarm into overdrive was the lightning coming from the leading edge and why I left hubs in charge of the remote and tweeted what I saw. It was scary watching it from a distanced, Couldn't imagine being under it.
    My views up here are amazing, almost 360' views, which is why I got as many shots as I did.

    Thanks for the link-up appreciated