Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Favourite photos of the week

Taken by me for your enjoyment!

Baby Spider, Baby Spider, where art thou? A baby spider being taught the method of eating a butterfly, along with his brothers and sisters. Taken 8th January 2012

How many baby spiders can YOU count? To take this photo, I had to get closer than I really wanted to, but I did it for you! Taken 8th January 2012

Mummy spider hangs onto the butterfly before it gets 'affixed' to the leaves for later on. Notice the adult legs on the right hand side? Taken 8th January 2012

Baby, Baby. I see far too many spiders for my liking, they are so small......... It's horrible to think they will grow into 2-5cm 'giants' soon Taken 8th January 2012


The butterfly is now duly attached the underside of the leave and the adult spider has disappeared. I'm not sure I want to imagine exactly what is going on! Taken the 8th January 2012.

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