Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Favourite photos of the week

Taken by me for your enjoyment!

Baby Cygnets, a friend of mine told me that some baby cygnets could be found in a local lake. So I went hunting with my camera and this is what I found! (Black Swan) This photo was taken on the 6th July 2012.

Baby Cygnet, This little guy was as bold as brass. I can only feel privileged to be able to experience this. (Black Swan) This photo was taken on the 6th July 2012.

This is was happens when flying kangaroos go horribly wrong! No animal was harmed in the taking of this photo. Just a trip, a fall and quick dust off! This photo was taken near Whittlesea on the 12th June 2012. This photo is available on Redbubble as a post card. Costs $1.98. so why not put a smile on a friends face?

This is what the above photo SHOULD have looked like! Flying Kangaroos. Photo was taken on the 12th June 2012

Please do NOT copy any of the photos on this blog - if you would like to use any photos, please leave a comment with contact details, Photos will be supplied without watermark and at full size. All comments are moderated and won't be shown to the public. Thank-you

Please note that no photo has been photo-shopped or altered in anyway on this blog, cropped yes, photo-shopped/altered NO!

Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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  1. Great capture of a 'roo jump gone wrong. I never think of them falling over like that.

    1. I can't recall having seen that either and I see 100's of roos a day. I was trying to capture the mob as they went over the fence, as seen in the second photo, it wasn't until I downloaded the photos that I saw the roo with his **** up in the air, struggling to right himself!

      Once in a lifetime shot, I suspect

      Thanks for the comments Andrew, appreciated!