Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Favourite Photos of the Week

Taken by me for your enjoyment!

Photo taken behind St Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne CBD. Photo taken 20th September 2012
Yallourn Power Station, taken at night......... I liked the way the light lit up the  smoke stacks. Photo taken 2nd July 2012
 Yallourn Power Station, taken at night......... I liked the way the light lit up the smoke stacks. Photo taken 2nd July 2012
I promise this is 100% nature colouring, I have not photo-shopped this shell. Photo taken at Paradise Beach in Gippsland. Photo taken 4th July 2012

  Please do NOT copy any of the photos on this blog - if you would like to use any photos, please leave a comment with contact details, Photos will be supplied without watermark and at full size. All comments are moderated and photo requests won't be shown to the public. Thank-you

Please note that no photo has been photo-shopped or altered in anyway on this blog, cropped yes, photo-shopped/altered NO!

Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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