Friday, May 31, 2013

Once again Telstra left us without phones 30th May 2013 - Ongoing

I get a barely audible call from my husband last night at 7.30pm, advising me that the landlines aren't working (He was calling from his mobile)

I asked him to pull all the phones (3) from the phone jacks, he said it could wait until I got home. I got home at 10.30[m and was too tired by then. Phones weren';t working at midnight - I know that for a fact.

Phones still weren't working at 6.30am in the morning. Didn't have time to pull the phones, so thought I would wait until I get home.

Halfway through the day, I realise I can check to see if a there a fault, via a Telstra automated service without having to pull the phones from the walls.

I do the check and sure enough 'There is a problem at the exchange and we should have it fixed by 7pm'

I hang up, as my mobile was ringing and I figured it's only a machine

I call back and was pushed through to the automated service again, this time the message said 'There is an unidentified fault and it will be fixed as soon as we can'

(These two calls were only 5 minutes apart)

I hang on the line and speak to an operator (overseas of course) I explain the problem, asking for a diversion to my OTHER landline (THAT I PAY FOR BECAUSE OF THESE PROBLEMS) and she refused, would ONLY divert to a mobile! HUH? I've been diverting from one line to the other every time there is a fault and they have never refused to do it previously. She also advised that service would be rectified by the 3th June 2013

She was reading from some scripted lines and refusing to divert. I asked for the call identification number, advising the person on the other end of the phone that I would be informing the TIO. She didn't seem to care.

I placed an immediate fault report and non-assistance complaint with the TIO - It's not good enough that people can't call me and I can only call out once I am 10km away from home (mobile reception up here requires aerobics of the sort I can't do)

This all happened at about 12pm. I had been inc contact with the social media team on Twitter, who just told me to call the number I called, but as soon as I mentioned the unwillingness to help went to ground, even when I called them out on that - they refused to show their heads (probably for fear of having it knocked off)

I get home at 6pm and find that the phone is working - I recall the TIO complaint, they can't do anything now and I won't hear anything from Telstra - so here is the proof of what went on.

Telstra if you are reading this - the TIO complaint number 2013/05/18123 I noted the Telstra complaint number at work and it didn't carry across through on the TIO paperwork.

You know where to find me - you have all read this blog before. so call me - I have nothing to hide.

**PS - I never did disconnect the phones from the sockets, so the problem wasn't at my end (again)

Read previous history, over the last 15years :(  Telstra - History

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