Thursday, July 4, 2013

I didn't want an iPhone

I really didn't……….. but I now own one

I wanted a phone that
1) Made calls
2) Took calls
3) Sent messages (in bulk)
4) Received messages
5) Had a calendar I could SYNC with MY PC and audible alarms
6) Alarm clock
7) Twitter
8) Able to tether to a PC
9) Store photos
9) SYNC OFF-LINE - VERY Important to me

I don’t think it's that hard? Do you?

Since Adam was a boy, I have had a new Nokia (1990's) every two years, never had a problem until 2011 when my handset decided to fail, no bluetooth and no tethering. Of course my telco couldn’t provide me with a 'loaner' that would do all of the above. After approaching TIO, the telco was quite amenable to my receiving a new handset (under contract) prior to contract finishing. So another Nokia it was - they have never failed me in the past.

2013 - 5 months before contract finishing, my Nokia died, wouldn’t charge and prior to that had problems with long phone calls. The charging was the crunch. Once again an argument ensued, thankfully sanity prevailed before I had to take the matter further. After reading and asking around, the only phone that would sync off-line was the Apple handset.

I now own an apple handset (64g) and 3 weeks later am already regretting the decision!

To make the phone work to my needs, I have had to purchase a song, an app for group texting, I had to become an expert in tweaking and changing file names to get a louder volume necessary for a calendar alarm.

So in three weeks, I have found the following 'problems' not evident in the Nokia models.

1)  Calendar alarm not loud enough
2)  Battery life is abysmal. A mobile is no longer mobile if it needs to be connected to a
      power source 24/7
3)  Needed to BUY an app to enable group messaging (up to 60 a week)
4)  Install iTunes
5)  Create folders on my PC solely for the purposes of syncing photos
6)  Can't 'drop' photos into the phone - must be synced
7)  Can't delete loaded photos from the phone, must be done from the PC
8)  Not all calendar alarms sound, pretty random in fact
9)  The keyboard for texting and twitter is awkward
10) Can't 'close' apps without intimate knowledge of the phone and how it works
11) Sites prefer apple, but I think they are close-minded IMHO
12) The 'Apps Store' is terrible, in fact forced to supply a credit card before I could
13) Can't hotspot unless to another apple product
14) Can only cable tether
15) Can't move stuff from 'back office' to the front page, just can't be done,
      Guess what? In Nokia you could

The only benefits I can see at the moment are:-
1) Siri - although can’t use in public, great for tweeting in private
2) The number of apps out there, but really how many are THAT useful?
3) The calculator has nice big buttons
4) I can get my custom made case now! with one of my photos
    Custom iPhone cases - by ME!
5) The do not disturb function is pretty good too

But besides that, See my problem?

I was anti-apple before and guess what? - even more so now. I pity my family and friends for the next two years.
That is all


  1. Samsung can do many of the things that iPhone apparently can't.

  2. Hi Andrew, pleasure again!

    Unfortunatly, the off-line syncing is important to me - I value my privacy and don't want all my information online for others to hack. (I know, who would be interested in me?)

    But still, cautious now, saves pain later ;)

    I don't believe Samsung offer offline syncing, from what I have been advised