Thursday, June 19, 2014

Micro SIM adaptors, stuck, breaking phones and dual SIM phones (broken)

Yup, dual SIM phone, upcoming holiday, 1 x micro SIM adaptor, thankfully sourced from an Australian Company, thanks Allphones, thanks for supporting Aussie Suppliers!

 WHAM, BAM, after testing and setting up 'new' phone, I innocently placed Micro SIM adaptor back into SIM card slot, I mean where else do you store a SIM adaptor?

Guess what? $329AU down the drain, I now possessed a single SIM phone. BOO.

 After emailing said Australian Company many times and getting fobbed off, the same amount of times, I did some research.

Did you know that the ACCC actually has a section in their guidelines referred to as

"reasonably foreseeable use"? Yup, It means that unless packaging specifically warns against a certain action, and it's foreseeable that someone might use that product in that manner, the product is deemed defective.

 The packaging did not warn such behaviour might destroy a perfectly working 2nd product, which was 'now not fit for intended purpose' in fact the packaging did not have any warnings at all.

I provided the micro-SIM adaptor importer with this information, they once again fobbed me off.

I then approached Fair Trading in the relevant Australian state, I supported my case with all emails backwards and forwards, including my reference to the ACCC clause, 6 months of arguments dissipated in 6 days and a full refund of the cost of the phone was in my bank account.

It's a matter of knowing you are right, knowing your rights and remembering, ladders are covered in warning stickers for a reason!

Oh, and Apple? Thanks for creating the micro-SIM, it's caused many the same grief!
PS - I didn't chase AllPhones, wasn't their problem, it was the importer/manufacturer. I shall not name names, but remember Australian Suppliers are the key.

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