Saturday, January 1, 2011

Australia – A Land of Contrast

The 31st December 2010, the last day of the old, and soon to be the new year, the weather put on a show.

The 31st December, saw Australia endure everything from the threat of cyclone in the west, to flooding in the north and high temperatures and fire danger in the south. It’s not abnormal, these extremes, we are talking about Australia. She is a land of contrast.

I think people have forgotten what Australia is truly capable of. Many people just sit back and wait for someone to tell them to do something, tell them to leave, tell them to tie everything down, tell them to have batteries at hand, or food or drinking water.

We are adults, people need to realise that the more they rely on government authorities to tell them what to do, the less choices there will be in the future. We need to make sure we are self-reliant and not reliant on others to make decisions for us.

Make 2011 the year you decide to become accountable for your actions, the year that you become aware of your surroundings and you become aware of what is going on around you.

The year that you stand up if you see something that isn’t right, the year that you make yourself heard above the rabble for the causes that need fighting.

Australia is a compassionate country, but for some it seems more important to look over our vast waters to neighbouring countries and offering aid there. We need to look in our own backyard first.

There are children and adults, without adequate food and shelter. There are agencies that need our help and yet people are willing to assist those less fortunate in other countries and happily turn a blind eye to those on their own doorstep.

Make 2011 the year that you become self-aware and help those in your neighbourhood and town, be it the next door neighbour or an Australian based charity.

Welcome to 2011 – may it be the best yet!

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