Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Favourite photos of the week

Taken by me for your enjoyment Apollo Bay, through the flowers to the Beach (20110128)

Silouette Kangaroo Puppets (2011) (This photo is real and not photshopped in ANY WAY!)

  The Fish that didn't get away - the 13yo was the proud owner of one 2kg snapper! (20100121)

The port side of the Marthas Cove Port entry at Dawn (20101121)

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Please note that no photo has been photoshopped on this blog, cropped yes, photoshopped NO!

Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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  1. Love the first one, and that is one ugly fish

  2. Kyle, that 'ugly' fish is a sought after fish by many fishermen. My son was lucky to catch it. I have never caught one that size. Juveniles yes, but not a mature snapper. They are a good fighting fish and excellent eating.

    The first photo was a lucky shot - I think it was taken the lat day of our time at Apollo Bay. The weather had been so so and the sunrises nothing special. But this time the sun came through for me!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Tried to comment last week but couldnt.
    Great pics

  4. Thank-you Kelly - I'm not sure what the problem was last week, no problems this end that I'm aware of.
    But thank-you for taking the time to revisit and leave a comment - I post photos every Sunday - generally before 10am

    So pop past again!