Friday, July 8, 2011

My missing husband

We’ve been married for 23years this year. Rarely do we spend time apart, and if we do it may be 1-2 nights consecutively. I don’t remember a period longer than that, other than when my children were born.

I’ve spent the last week without my husband. He’s been at work and I’ve been away with my son.

The nights are the loneliest, the coldest and also the longest.

I’m also missing the conversations and just the general companionship.

I couldn’t imagine losing my husband for real. I couldn’t imagine knowing that I would never see him again. I couldn’t imagine burying him. My partner is my other half in life. He is my support, my friend, my pal and everything else that goes with the word pair.

I have been so lucky, to have a partner for 23 years, someone who is the other half of me and completes me.

What made me write this is? He called 5 minutes ago and told me that the dog doesn’t like him, as he’s done a runner (2nd time in the last week) Hubby said he’d tie an anchor to his tail next time he sees him!

For the past week, I’ve felt incomplete. Certainly lonely, both mentally and physically. Teenagers aren’t a substitute, their language skills leave a lot to be desired!

To all those that have loved and lost. I send you a cyber hug. Condolences just don’t cut it – they really don’t.


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