Friday, July 1, 2011

Terry Border and his Artwork.

These pictures came to me via email. I loved them immediately. It turns out they are by gentleman by the name of Terry Border. There is little on his bio page, when I found his blog - BUT WOW......... Check out the blog Bent Objects Also Terry has exhibitions in the USA - an upcoming on is in Phoenix, as advertised on his blog.

Congratulations Terry and thank-you for sharing. I do love your work!

You Say Tomato and I say Tomahto. You say Potatoes and I say Zombies.

McDonalds as Sculpture Material

The Mother

The Key to Happiness

The Introvert

Sylvia Muffin puts her Head in the Oven

Modest Pear

Little Polish Girl

Literary Interetations

In the Meadow we can Build a Dough (Nut) Man

Fruit with Life Experience


Eye of the Spider

English Breakfast

Dancing Queens

Bananas at Bedtime

Zombies are Nuts about Brains

Paper Training our Little Dog - Frank

Many Passionate Fans.......


A Little Cat Doodle

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