Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Are you Disabled?".................

Today I stood in shock as I was abused by a self-righteous Bitch (yes B****) who believes that she is entitled to park in handicapped parking spot because she has parked there for 3 years (So she claims)

Unfortunately I require a stick to walk any sort of distance and crutches for anything over about 500m and especially if the ground is uneven.

This woman (refer female dog) harassed me – repeating the words, ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’ ‘Are you disabled?’

Not once or twice, but multiple times. All I said to her was, “are you aware this is a permit zone?’ meaning handicapped parking and she lays into me like no tomorrow.

Claiming she had been parking there for 3 years (I can guarantee NOT) and getting very abusive in the process. I KNOW she hasn’t been parking there for 3 years, because I’ve been working here off and on for 9 years and have not yet photographed THAT car, parked illegally in the handicapped parking area.

What makes this even harder to understand is; she is a HEALTH CARE WORKER ON HOSPITAL GROUNDS……………….

NOW…….. If the shoe had been on the other foot – i.e. her mother or father, God help ANYONE who got in her way.

More and more frequently I find that people feel they are ‘entitled’ to do whatever they please, whenever they please, to whomever they please, just because they can. I’m not just talking about handicapped parking, I’m talking about lines at supermarkets, disabled toilets,  at doctors clinics, at fuel bowsers and even whilst in the presence of their children! It's happening everywhere that the public are forced to interact with one another.

Please feel free to share you story.

I am completely over the entitled few that are making my world a horrible place to interact in, because you never know when someone will attack you with words, fists or even weapons.

Have you come across similar instances, have you been abused like this? Do you have a story/ies, you’d like to share?

This is todays offender
This is the offender car fromt his morning, blog post to follow on Twitpic

There are some past offenders, both on and off hospital grounds.


  1. I suspect council don't prosecute from just a photo, more is the pity.

  2. Andrew,

    You are right a photo isn't enough - but security was informed, they have the registration and are prepared to act. I believe they were hot my tail when I left, to confirm vehicle still there and to call the council. It's a lucrative business, parking illegally on/in hospital grounds, so I've been informed.

    Karma is a bitch!

  3. I reckon people who park in disabled parking bay with no permit or who aren't entitled to in the first place should be towed away and fined heavily :-).