Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Employee, Bad Employer, Bad Luck or Bullying?

I almost didn't write this blog post, but then figured why the hell not? I've got nothing to lose, already lost my job, what next?
3 weeks ago I was forced to resign from a job that was close to home, with hours perfect for kids pick up and drop off. It was essentially the perfect job.

I didn’t want to resign, but was forced to.

I have thought about taking it ‘further’, but realised the effort of actually pursuing the matter would be emotionally and financially draining. I doubt I would be able to see it through to the end without damaging my state of mind.

The circumstances went something like this. I started in July 2011, working predominantly with one other female in the office. The two owners were mostly onsite and not in the office. My hours were shorter (as offered by management at commencement) and not negotiated by myself. I often got the feeling that many things occurred after I left and I was never informed.

On the job training consisted of about 10 hours and then I was left to my own devices. Knowledge of the business, past experiences, bills paid, not paid and why; were all in the head of the previous employee along with the owners. But none of this was made available to me.

Management weren’t interested in using the account payable reports to pay invoices, they would just willy nilly pay accounts and then curse when they double paid amounts.

General sharing of information was not done, not even in general conversation. I learnt of many things via overheard phone calls and only then was able to determine that I knew something that may have been of benefit to the company.

Requests for stationery, still unfulfilled in February, 5 months after requesting verbally and via email.

When you walk into an office, it is generally considered good manners to say good morning. Well I consider it so.... but it is also customary and polite to return the greeting. Which rarely occurred, especially if I was on the ‘black list’ of my colleague for that day/week/month.

Often, a period of 6-8 hours would pass without one word being spoken, which I found intimidating; when I attempted to make conversation I was completely ignored.

The straw that broke the camels back was when I was in the middle of processing wages and I was asked to do something, I said ‘hang on for a minute, I’m busy’ and within 20sec of me uttering those words, My colleague was on the phone, DOBBING on me...... for failing to following her instructions. Not only did she NOT give me a chance to defend myself, but was talking about me in the third person and being completely slanderous.

I resigned there and then, offering 2 weeks notice. This resignation was not acknowledged until 3 days later and nothing addressed until  5 days later and I was told by management they would consider all options and see what they could do.......... 2 days later I was told to finish up before my resignation period had ended.

What hurts the most is that 24hours after I advised in writing I was resigning,(which is BEFORE any consultation occurred)  a key word job search, throws up the same position now advertised as full-time. It hurts because I busted my gut to do what needed to be done within the timeframes on a part-time basis and suddenly the same position within the same company is being advertised full-time.
The company has a history of bullying, of intimidation, lying and general deception and deceit, management trusted no-one and yet they let many things slide in an attempt to keep employees they think are useful to the company, yet are the worst offenders.
One comment made by management during discussions was “why didn’t you bring this to us earlier?’ my reply was, “The rule of first one in, first one out applies. I come to work to work and not play politics; I figured if I played the adult, my work colleague would snap out of it. Instead I’m forced to resign. I’m happy for you not to accept to resignation, and I’m happy to stay as the position is perfect hours and location.”  Response “I’ll see what I can do.”

Nothing happened......... nothing at all........... Now I’m trying to find work, in a near depression economy.

Why weren’t the issues of bullying addressed as they promised to?

Why was a part-time position made full-time position, even before I had finished and why wasn’t I offered the full-time position?

I don’t believe management even attempted to address the issues I stated, nor did they have any intentions of doing so.

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