Monday, February 25, 2013

No Telephones again Telstra, 21st Feburary 2013

(And my neighbour had his Gall bladder removed on Thursday)

Some might say this is irrelevant - Sorry it is - original diagnosis was a heart attack - he's 74 years old. A phone was needed that night………… see where this is going.

 I have checked some of the houses on the street, there are 11 houses on this street, 1 doesn’t possess a landline, 2 don't have working landlines, 1 I can’t check as they are not home and the other 2 I checked do have working lands. - so of the 5 houses I've checked, 2 don’t have working landlines, since AT LEAST the 21st February 2013.

The Telstra technicians have been crawling up and down the street (I know the name of technician BTW) Pits have pulled out and re-assembled, still no solution.

When I initially phoned in the non-working line (from my OTHER landline) that IS WORKING (that I pay for) I was told the problem is in the exchange, when the technician calls, he tells me it's MY fault and I will owe Telstra $120.00 for a call out fee.

Soon after I received a message (dated the 21.02.13) advising that services will be re-instated on the 25th February before 7pm……….. at 5pm on the 25th February, I receive a message, advising that my landline service will now NOT be restored until the 8th March 2013.

THAT'S 15 days WITHOUT A phone……….. (Lucky I pay for a separate line) so I haven’t lost phones completely. Mobiles don’t work very well up here. You certainly can't have a conversation.

My biggest concern at this time of year, besides health issues (as per opening paragraph) is bushfires, on the Monday the 18th February 2013, we were under DIRECT THREAT and 5km away from me was under a possible evacuation order, for fire to impact at 4am in the morning.

Besides that we have an arsonist in the area, who has lit numerous fires, and then there were lightning strikes last week, just over the other side of the hill.

I pay for a service that has not been functioning properly for a LONG time. Here is some memorable outages on the last 15 years

 So once again - god help Telstra if anything happens to the people I know and love because they have not been able to call out or I have not been able to call them in case of emergency.

 Services restored as at 27th Feburary, no notification from Telstra as at 5.11pm that service has been restored.

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