Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Favourite photos of the week 2013

Taken by me for your enjoyment!

Echidna, crossing the road, taken near Whittlesea, Victoria on the 9th December 2012
Fence at Dusk, near Whittlesea, may not seem like anything special, but at the time of taking I liked it! Photo taken in the 10th December 2012

Kangaroo, mid-flight - I promise you this photo as NOT been photoshopped, nor altered IN ANY WAY. She has been caught mid-air against a dropping sun. Sheer perfection, if I must say so. Photo taken near Whittlesea on the 11th December 2012. This photo was taken with a tamron 200mm lens, I hope to recreate with the Sigma 500mm lens on the Nikon D3000. Fingers crossed. Maybe this was a once in a lifetime shot?

This big boy, not long after this shot was taken, leapt over the fence you can see in the background, treated it, like you and I treat a step! Photo taken near Whittlesea on the 31st December 2012

Please do NOT copy any of the photos on this blog - if you would like to use any photos, please leave a comment with contact details, Photos will be supplied without watermark and at full size. All comments are moderated and photo requests won't be shown to the public. Thank-you

Please note that no photo has been photo-shopped or altered in anyway on this blog, cropped yes, photo-shopped/altered NO!

Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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