Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why do I bother taking photos of people parking in disabled bays without permits?

They are breaking the law.

Simple question, simple answer………. They are breaking the law and in the process making my life along with countless others, more painful, tiring and leaving us wanting to retreat from life.

Today I was asked the question, am I disabled? My answer,  I'm broken, I can’t walk properly and sometimes my legs don’t always work properly, so I trip and stumble when I get tired.

Why? Because of several accidents that were not of my doing have resulted in much soft tissue damage throughout my body, a permanently broken fibula in my right leg, bad arthritis in left leg, caused because of the strain it takes and recently discovered broken ribs that have healed in such a way that cause me immense pain sometimes.

You can read about some of the incidents here if you can be bothered:-

So todays photos…………..


Epping Plaza. Photo taken 2:50pm on Sunday 31 March 2013

Px2 Parking........... no permit as evidenced by the windscreen shot.

Epping Officeworks Complex. Photo taken at 3:05pm on Sunday 31st March 2013



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