Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laziness is Not A Disability

I’m not brave, I’m not particularly outspoken, although some people will disagree. I avoid confrontation like the plague. I dislike people doing the wrong thing, either legally or morally.
After an accident involving a 12t truck and my car some 15yrs prior.  Followed by a horse collapsing on me and permanently breaking the fibula in my right leg. I have difficulties getting around. Especially when it comes to shopping centres and their slippery floors. I still manage to work most of the time, so you can’t call me lazy. I just have problems walking most of the time, let alone staying up right.

 I can’t lock myself up forever and I can’t rely on my husband to do everything, so I venture out. More often than not, it seems that people think it’s okay to park in handicapped spots, that it’s okay to only stop for 1-2 minutes. They couldn’t care less. They really couldn’t.

Here is one encounter, after 3 days of not being able to park in these two spots, because there is ALWAYS been someone parked there ILLEGALLY. NO PERMIT.

I’m over it – why must I and countless others suffer because of selfish irresponsible people like this?

So this is what happened. Registration of said vehicle is (VIC) YJQ-548

**Please note the reference to 'registration' is actually parking permit and its non-presence on said vehicle.

This 'gentleman' was aware he was being videoed, yet made no apologies, nor did he offer to move, In fact 10 minutes later, was still in exactly the place, with his girlfriend sitting beside him, almost in defiance.

Video taken at Epping North Woolworths Shopping complex on the 12th March 2013

Stupidity is Not a Disability - Other incidents


  1. I don't think you got a good shot of the rego, which is a shame. You need to formally report him to the police and pass on your video. Or should it go to shopping centre security in the first instance?

  2. Hi Marko

    Thanks for the comment :(

    The reigstration (Now added to the post) is Victorian YJQ-548


  3. Love your work lady! Goodness help any of these people if they ever find themselves with a disability.

    1. This one is probably the creme d'la creme of abusive behaviour....... no video this time - but the position of employment this person holds AND the location of said abuse, actually makes it worse :(

      "NOW…….. If the shoe had been on the other foot – i.e. her mother or father, God help ANYONE who got in her way."

      Thank-you Friday - you are a hero for those of us, not strong enough (or brave enough) to take up this cause

  4. Good on you, honey. Council parking people actually come along and take photos of people (in Sydney, North Sydney and Mosman NSW that I know of) parked in disabled spots, to prove that they have no disability parking permit - therefore, that video can be taken to the council and the council would have to do something about that guy. Jaz'hiaran.

  5. I would probably get laughed down from the rafters, AND made to jump through hoops just to get a ticket issued against him............. Not worth it - not the time, the energy or the mental anguish - he did photograph my car in retaliation, so I do believe I would have something to fear :(

    Thank-you for the comment