Friday, March 22, 2013

No Telephones again Telstra, 22nd March 2013

Once again Telstra have excelled at the (non) excellence of providing a service I pay them to do………….

Thankfully I PAY (from my own pocket) for a secondary line into my premises, but no compensation for me to do that is there? Yet it's their cruddy service that forces me to do so.

My husband is currently using a chainsaw, ALONE…… Imagine if he had an accident? We don’t have very good mobile phone coverage up - so who do I call? (IF I can call)

See my problem?

 Telstra - enough is enough - the TIO will be hearing from me on Monday…….

 Your lose, your problem, you had better just hope no-one I know and care about suffers any sort of accident/illness/injury and I can't get help - because GOD HELP YOU - I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT THEN
Tonights text message

A reminder from Telstra: Our commitment to repair 0397** **** is by 26/03/2013 19:00.

Reckon it will happen OR will I get ANOTHER text message, advising of a further delay like last time?

See other incidents here

Telstra - the most recent incident was 27th February 2013

Phone services restored on the 26th March 2013.................. Until Next Time

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