Monday, March 25, 2013

I am over it

All I wanted was some cat food, so my cat had something to eat tonight, instead I end up shaking with pain and thinking why the hell did I even try to be 'normal'

I was forced to walk a further 160 steps (big deal you say) because 'someone' who represents Australia Post decided to park in a permit zone.

Big deal you say - 160 steps? Anyone can do that - well guess what - on a bad day I can't.

I was FORCED to walk UP and DOWN a gutter to get to the front door, on the footpath, if that had been someone in a wheelchair - they would have had to brave traffic in a car park and below the eyesight of a driver to access a ramp that allows THEM to access the footpath. Accident imminent.

I am shaking with pain, which means more painkillers, which means that I stress my kidney and liver out because of someone selfish idiot, who would only be there for 5 minutes.


Please consider those of us in society, who try to be productive, who try to be self-reliant, those of us who have no-one else to help us.


And YES I did check the vehicle dashboard and NO there was no permit - I didn't take the dashboard photo, although I should have.

I hope Australia Post take some action, but unlikely unless I complain directly and then I will be forced to jump through hoops to make a complaint.

Is this the image @austpost wants to convey? Epping north woo... on Twitpic

A thought did cross  my mind that this vehicle may have been onsold, but either or it carries the Australia Post logo and colours and ultimately conveys a very poor message
Same place, taken on the 9th march 2013, about the same time
(I even spoke to the driver, he didn't move)

Even though i spoke to you, you didnt move #StupidityIsNotADi... on Twitpic

Other such incidents - dating back to March 2012 and prior - The one in March 2012 made me realise how many people thinks it'okay' to park wherever they feel like it - as long as THEY are not inconvenienced :(

Trials and Tribulations of a Permit Holder - Photos and Video

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  1. Make the complaint to Aus Post. For all the faults of government departments, the record will be there.