Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laziness is not a disability........... Post infinity

I have been running my own little personal crusade for years, but someone has taken it to a whole new level!

That someone is Alica Wright of Queensland.......... her website is No Permit No Park

I highly commend her efforts and blimey it's an effort well and truly overdue, for those in wheelchairs, for those 'not quite right' people on their feet, for those that need that parking permits, to do the shopping or even get their hair cut. Simple things for the able-bodied person, but tiring and painful for many people who require permits.

Here is today contribution from me:-

6.44pm Thursday, 28th March 2013, at North Epping, Woolworths.

The driver has clearly parked here, knowing this space is set aside for people with mobility issues, (unless he is blind) the front view clearly shows no permit...............

I will keep trying, I will keep posting - but how do you get through to these people? Predominantly young males

Here are previous offenders, mostly taken in the northern suburbs of Melbourne

Other Offenders

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