Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you have a will?

Sounds morbid doesn’t it?

Well seriously, it doesn’t matter what age you are – from the moment you start working, you start collecting assets.

Be it that lovely collection of beer cans, dolls, or even your car. The money in your bank account will be frozen until probate clears, if you don’t have a will, then the process is far more complicated.

Have you thought about what will happen to your assets, no matter how minor they seem, once you depart this mortal earth?

If you have a will, the process of getting the money or proceeds of sales from assets is far easier for everyone. If you do not have a will, the process is very complicated and long winded.

By having a will, the decision as to who gets what is simplified and clarified, it speeds things up.

By NOT having a will, no one person is responsible and assets are distributed by a formula set by the government, which may include an ex-partner, to whom you haven’t spoken to for many years.

For peace of mind, get a will, it might cost $100-$200 for the will, but you have peace of mind. If there are children involved and you don’t have a will, what happens to your assets? They may not be divided the way you want them to be divided.

Remember also that if your situation changes, you will need to update your will. As your children get older, as your relationships change, as the value of assets change, all these changes need to be accounted for as you travel the road of life.

Don’t assume that the will you drew up when you are 18 will still apply when you are 30. By that time you could be married and divorced.

There are so many factors that can affect your circumstances. Keep up with the changes.

Get a will today – you never know what is around the corner

And don't forget your online presence - If you were hit by a bus tomorrow…………

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