Saturday, August 7, 2010

I don’t listen to music

Just the other day – someone said to me – what music do I like – I replied nothing. They asked what do you mean nothing? My reply I don’t listen to music.

I don’t get any enjoyment from music, nor do I find it annoying – I just don’t get it.

I suppose this comes from my formidable years of upbringing being raised in a valley that didn’t have TV for and certainly no radio for quite some time after my parents moved there – unless you erected a 40foot aerial.

I remember having TV, certainly in some areas of the township, but mainly ABC and later on a Shepparton Television station. Some nights you could get interstate radio stations, when the cloud coverage was ‘just right’ But mostly you just did without!

I remember getting my first horse at 7 years of age. I remember dad teaching me to ride a second-hand pushbike (at least I had a pushbike!) We spent most of time outside, roaming the streets, the bush, the neighbours houses, camping out more times than sleeping in.

You didn’t need music.

I do remember owning and listening to audio cassettes of the Bay City Rollers, but that is the only music I remember. I could take it or leave it.

Later on in life, my first car only had an AM radio – So there wasn’t much choice to be had. I didn’t get rid of that car until 1989. So I think the pattern of no music had been well and truly established by then.

That is why I don’t listen to music! – I do like radio and certainly listen every opportunity I get – but it is talkback and news stations. The dial in each and every car reads:-
1. 3AW
2. 1026
3. 774
4. (music) for hubby
5. 3RPH
6. 3MTR (a new station)

That is the AM – and I don’t think the FM has been programmed in my car, just goes to show!

Am I mad? Or am I just different?


  1. I used to like music. Mostly now it annoys me and people have their music so loud. Only music I like should ever be loud and then only when I am in the mood.

  2. The loudness is another issue, I don;t like that eiterh - find it invading my 'personal space' even when they are wearing headphones.
    I just find as a whole a foriegn language, a language that is of no interest to me. People call me weird.
    Well I figure at least I know what is going on in the world, which more than I can say for others.
    Thanks Andrew - I don't feel so alone now!

  3. I've been searching for people that don't listen to music. I've always found other's passion for music odd. It's not like I hate it, heck, i even play guitar and sing quite well but I normally listen to talk radio as well. I will sing along with songs and I'm like you "take it or leave it". Sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with me but I guess it takes all kinds.

  4. Due to overzealousness on my behalf I deleted many comments so please accept my apologies and the duplicates of said comments back to my blog
    Courtesy of Anonymous
    At least you had a pushbike... AND a pony!!! LOL But yes, that does explain why you don't like meat-head radio :)