Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/11, Sept 11 2001 – The attack on the Western World

I remember where I was, just like so many – I was watching Star Trek, it was some time between 23.00hrs-00.00hrs (AU EST). The transmission was cut to cross live to a building, with a plane approaching, you could see in the background, one building on fire and the plane approaching and just flying into the second building.

It didn’t seem real – how could the cameras be there as it is happened? How could people be describing what is going on? Why was the second building collapsing?

Just too much to comprehend, I woke my husband, he said I was mistaken, it’s too late, I must be dreaming I must have got it wrong.

I didn’t get it wrong. I didn’t sleep that night – I couldn’t sleep that night, the same as many hundreds of other people couldn’t sleep that night here in Australia. The number of people walking through a nightmare in the USA, and other parts of the world, far too numerous to even consider the numbers.

The images of people jumping from a leap that was not survivable, the images of the dust and smoke and ash, of paper being blown about like confetti. The images of people trying to flee one of the most built-up areas in the USA. The images of people emerging from the dust of the building collapse. Everyone was the same, the same shocked look, the same skin colour, the same look of disbelief.

In my minds eye I could see people on the phones in these buildings, saying their goodbyes, saying I love you.

I couldn’t think it possible that one human being or even two or more human beings were capable of destroying something so precious as another human life.

I just couldn’t understand. Many people before me have put their condolences in far better terms that I ever could and for that I say thank-you

I may live in Australia, I may not know anyone who perished in these attacks on the western world, but I felt the horror just as the next person did, just as people did in America.

9/11 wasn’t just an attack on America; it was an attack on the civilised world.

America went to war for world-wide peace, Australia and many other countries also went to war for the same cause.

I don’t like war, nor does my neighbour nor America, but I believe it was a necessary evil. An evil to stop further attacks on you, on me, on my neighbour, on your neighbour, on your family overseas, or on other countries. America and her supporters needed to show a united front on an event that could very well could have lead into WWIII.

May the world never forget 9/11 and may peace reign world-wide forever.

God bless.

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  1. This is a great post. We americans tend to think this only happened to us, but as you know- it happened to the world.

  2. Nicely written Heather. I can tell you exactly what I was doing....My husband was scheduled to fly to New York and I was frantically trying to call him (unsuccessfully). One minute the lines were jammed to the USA, the next the phone rang out... the next it was busy... my stomach lurched... His flight was delayed and subsequently grounded. He ended up flying down south... and again my tummy lurched as he told me he was at the Kinkos they found Anthrax at...and as the stories unfolded he found himself in every place of interest while I just willed him to go home.

    People think that 9/11 was just the twin towers...those planes set off a chain reaction that affected the way we do everything. Mailing a letter, saying goodbye to loved ones as they go off to work....

    The world will not be the same.

  3. Nice post H.
    It's still unbelievable even after 9 years

  4. Thank-you everyone - I said I wouldn;t respond and allow for yoou to post what you felt you needed.

    Katie - it affected everyone world-wide as you are aware :(

    Spagsy - 9/11 wasn't just the Twin Towers it was people on planes, it was people on the ground, it was people in buildings, it was you and me and our kids, everyone. Everything changed 9 years ago for everyone.

    Anon - you are right - 9 years ago and it still feels like yesterday - a horrible experience for everyone but more so those that lost loved one. The horror, dread and fear is something they live with everyday.

    Thank-you everyone for the comments.