Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spider Spider on the Wall - Badge (Huntsman) Spider

This spider has been identified as a Badge Spider - as per the Musuem of Victoria Site.
Badge (Huntsman) Spider Scientific name Neosparassus diana - Scary stuff!

Last night just before the rains started falling in Victoria I saw this spider on my window.

Normally I don't pay much attention to spiders, I have a leave me alone, I'll leave you alone policy. But this was plain weird.

I first thought it was an albino Huntsmans spider, but the body shape was wrong.

Then when I photographed the underneath - it glowed.

Can you identify this spider?


  1. Found our little friends name - he is a Badge (Huntsman) Spider

    Will post links in the post

  2. I am going to have nightmares about that one.. *shudder*

  3. He/She is harmless, same as a huntsman - respect them and they'll leave you alone!

    Stop shaking in your boots!


  4. they aren't quite harmless Heather, my mum was bitten by one of these, and it caused a great sickness with skin problems. We had to go to hospital

  5. Anon- unlike Red Back Spiders, the badge spider will pretty much leave you alone, they are not as agressive as the redback, but I;m sure if they bit you (Just like the Huntsman) there could be some problems. But by comparision, 'harmless' they tend to hide rather than attack.

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  6. yeah I found one in the seal of the back door of my car :-O I was sooo scared that I killed it (because my toddler was in her car seat and I was scared it would bite us) took it into my Pop and he said it was a normal huntsman just some of them have a weird sympol on their underside :-/ lol.... (My Pop knows ALOT about bugs eg. spiders)

  7. ohh and he said its a female huntsman :)

  8. Your pop's not wrong - the Museum calls it a Badge (Huntsman) so he's partially right!

    I suppose it's like saying blue wren/fairy wren, same thing (bird) but different colourings!

    The fact that the spider was in your car............................ I would have done EXACTLY the same thing................. I don't really like spiders.

    Thanks for popping past and being interested enough to leave a comment