Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I (used) to baby-sit your dog

Well…….. I did until a person, told the owner that I wasn’t feeding the dog – complete and utter lies.

This dog is the sort of dog – that will eat until he vomits and makes himself very sick, so he always presents as being hungry.

I was accused of not supplying water, this is completely untrue – around the corner under the tap was another 20 litre bucket of water. Near the back door another 20 litre bucket of water. 40 litres for two dogs for a 12 hour period is more than enough and they are not known for tipping their water over. The owners only have the 1 x 20 litre bucket. But they have the benefit of being home most of the time. I didn’t have that luxury. I come in the morning and night.

I used to go every morning and every night, water, talk to and feed these two dogs.

Then I find out about being accused of not caring for these two dogs.

Fine, let someone else care for them. Someone else was found. The people looked after the dogs once, twice and the third time something happened to one of the dogs and I get the call to check out what the problem is. I pick up pretty quickly it’s a back problem and gentle walking might assist with the problem. I was ignored. The owners called. The owners asked me what I thought (again) and I told them the same thing.

They took the dog to the vet, the vet said the same thing (which I’ve been saying for 3 days now) The owner ignores all advice, 2 weeks and $1000 later, the dog is put down, the owners couldn’t be bothered following. The dog is in too much pain to do anything other than be put down. Noting that said dog is 12 years old, so not a bad run.

That leaves a dog, who will eat anything in sight, needing to be looked after. I’m pretty upset – I consider my dog to be the centre of my universe (well almost) As I told someone the house could burn down and as long as I have my dog I’ll survive. That’s what I think of my dog and any other dog as well. I can’t help it if the owners are dick-heads.

I don’t take kindly to being accused of something I didn’t do, in fact I take it very seriously – I consider it to be a slur on my name.

I let it ride, there are reasons for this.

Tonight I get the dogs’ owner knocking on my door, hat in hand wanting me to feed said dog for a 6 week period. (noting the past that I have not accepted any gifts or similar in exchange for said care) I figure the dog is more important.

I’m still upset and refused, I even told him I don’t take kindly to being accused of something that I didn’t do.

In an act of blackmail, he threatened to have the dog put down. After all he is 14 years old and he’s had a good life. Now he is more trouble that he’s worth. My God. I felt like putting the owner down.

The owner has done nothing wrong, the animal is cared for, fed, watered, allowed to sleep inside, Basically fairly spoilt, so I don’t understand these turn of events.

I am mad and I don’t like being black-mailed.

I’m in two minds – do I say yes and look after the dog or do I sit back and see what other ‘solutions’ he comes up with in the hope he doesn’t carry through with his threat?

I don’t know


  1. I'd say "I don't like you, I don't like your blackmailing tactics. I'll look after your dog for his sake, not yours. And I'll report you to the RSPCA and let all the neighbors know that you threatened to have the dog put down because you couldn't get your own way. Assholes like you don't deserve to be allowed the PRIVELAGE of caring for a dog".

    But then I have a lower tollerance of assholes than most,.

  2. Molder - that's pretty much what I said. The RSPCA can't do anything. The owners have done nothing wrong.

    But like you I have a very low tolerance for arseholes, and as I said it's not the dogs fault the owner is a dickhead.

    The neighbours are of the same type of calibre. Me me and me - it's what's the world seems to have come down to. If it has nothing to do with me, if it doesn't benefit me. I don't want to know about it.

    I made it quite clear that I had only in the past done it for the dog, but to have my name muddied in such a way - made me furious for days afterwards. I still haven't forgiven the parties involved.

    I'm still sitting on the fence :(

  3. It's a horrible situation, but you can't take responsibility for someone else's actions no matter how difficult.
    I'd tell them a firm no. If they put the dog down then it's their loss and a horrible turn of events, but it's not your problem.
    It sounds heartless, but once you let someone blackmail you like that they will never stop.

  4. Fen - I am so agreeing with - after writing that and sleeping on it last night - I think I have come to the right conclusion and that is to refuse to look after the dog. I know he asked at kennels - but it's too 'costly' - FFS. I honestly shake my head. This guy is the original Tightwad.

    I'm going to say no - and see what gets shaken out of the tree. IF he does get the dog put down. The I know who my friends aren;t (I prefer animals over humans for obvious reasons)

    Thanks Fen for the support - appreciated