Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10 minute quickie

Yup, you heard right – I’m going to write this post in 10 minutes starting NOW

There are some things in the world that piss me off – some of these things are:-
1. Wondering why you got a red light/Speeding ticket when you constantly speed
2. Being pulled over for drink driving and saying I only had 2-3-4 drinks, you
drink and drive? I think that is problem
3. People who can’t/won’t say thank-you for anything nice.
4. Men who think that women who work full-time, should still do all the
5. When the person serving you can’t be bothered giving you time of day
6. People who race on the roads and wonder why they have accidents.
7. Web pages that load video and voice content without asking
8. Web sites that demand your postcode, suburb BFORE allowing to even view the
site (they are a retail site)
9. Unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the road
10. People complaining when something goes wrong that they could have protected
themselves (like insurance) and then complain it wasn’t their fault/problem

Some things that I like in the world
1. People who open up doors for you, or hold the door open
2. When the person serving you is nice and not grumpy
3. Nice sunny warm days
4. The unconditional love of a dog
5. The smell of new born babies
6. The smell of fresh-ground coffee
7. The smell and feel of wood fires
8. BBQ’s on a summers evening
9. Fishing and the calm associated with it
10. When things ‘go right’ be it a project or event

And time is up – can you add to this?


  1. Things I like .. the smell of freshly baked bread & the smell of rain on a hot day.

    I would have to agree with you with some of your piss me off things. Number 4 is a definite.
    I would like to add this one men that think its okay for the woman to do all the housework (whether she has a job outside the home or not) especially when he doesn't even have a job himself & is home all day!

  2. I'd forgotten about this post!

    Glad you liked it and I have to agree - No. 4 is a bug-bear of giant proportions.


  3. Good health. There's always someone worse off than you and many of them never complain about it.

  4. "Good health. There's always someone worse off than you and many of them never complain about it. "

    Anon, how true - some don;t realise how good they've got it, even when looking into the face of aperson who doesn't have it!

    Thank-you - you forget about the BIG things sometimes

  5. 7. is a pet hate of mine.

    A nice one......our favourite Saturday breakfast place always knocks a bit off the bill.

  6. Hi Andrew

    Knocking ab it of a bill - always makes it a good place! (and keeps you returning)
    We have a milk bar in town that rounds down to the nearest dollar - we appreciate it - and the returning customers ensures he doesn't really miss out!