Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying Fezzes, ……………… I’ve fried my HD

I’ve always been a supporter of back-ups, I’ve always been a supporter of duplicate data, I've always been a supporter of back-up of a back-up. Hell anything to keep data and data integrity.

November 27th 2009, I finally moved away from CD’s for storage of my precious photos, so not only did I have a copy on my HD, I also used to have a copy on CD. November saw me take a step up in to world, with an external HD, which was meant to store my photos, my back-ups for my PC. All the stuff I didn’t want to lose.

I’d also merged all the data and then copied this and sent the data off site for safe-keeping.

I’m patting myself on the back as we speak. My external HD failed last night and it isn’t even 12 months old. It’s gone, won’t register on my PC, The PC says it’s disabled the hardware, because it’s faulty. That’s all very bad news.

Thankfully I had the copies, My heart didn’t even reach my mouth, simply because I know I was prepared and that saved me the heart-ache of racing to find a computer technician who could save this data for me.

I followed my own advice for once (come on, admit it, you don’t always!)

I’ve previously posted about the backing up data, about having this data stored off-site, about making sure you don’t lose those precious family photos. I;m so glad I followed my own advice, this once!

Here are some prior posts about what you should do:-
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How safe is the data in your safe?

So get off your butt and do it now, no heart-ache, no worries, be completely at ease.

If this seems like too much trouble, there are online back-up services available also, that require little effort on your behalf – so that is something else to consider.

Here is one that comes recommended by friends - Carbonite AU

So choose your poison and do it NOW – don’t delay – don’t think tomorrow, tomorrow maybe the day your computer decides to shit itself!


  1. I use Mozy for my online back up. It's about $55 for a year or $104 for 2 years. It runs in the background so you just set it up and leave it.
    I guess it's like a cheap online HD!

  2. Good for you, Heather! Having seen many of your priceless images online, I'm relieved! lately I've been liaising with Arthur from Carbonite. So far, I'm 50% through my first remote back-up. The jury's not in yet, but first indications are very positive. Best regards, Paul. :)

  3. Great advice - but I'd add 'things that break down/stop working that were only bought recently' to your 'hate' list below!!

    Happy travels!

  4. Red Nomad of Oz - How true

    If others are wondering what RNO is referring to, here is the post

    I so agree - besides backing up, if something fails, like my NEW HD (11 months old) then you can also be in trouble!

    Thanks for reminding me!

  5. You can never have enough backups that is for sure and spreading them across multiple media types is the only way to ensure should one fail you can access the files from another. External drives are great and they are very affordable these days but with mechanical parts they fail. Spread the risk and also look at online backup.

  6. so agree - only problem is I'l essentially running at dial-up speed and it doesn;t always work smoothly - Plus I prefer to rely on me - It's a hang-up I (read individual here) have :(

    From all reports the service that carbonite provide is excellent - so please keep posting!