Sunday, July 25, 2010

Duplicated Files/Photos on your HD or storage devices

For years I’ve struggled with duplicated files across many storage devices and on my HD – the reason for this is that I am a compulsive ‘saver’. Every time I open a document I re-save it with the time and date attached so I know which is the most current file. If the document requires many adjustments/changes then I could have 20 different file names for the same documents – all with the same alpha, but different time and date stamp.

Then on top of that I also keep multiple copies of data on several media types and located in several places! <-- I know one sick puppy. Anyway – using Google (my best friend) he showed me a program called Anti-Twin

The program is very easy to use – will compare just one drive, or multiple drives – you choose what you want to compare.

The files are listed – so you can choose what you want to keep and what you want to delete.

You are shown the file paths and folder. Literally control is in your hands, and you can choose to delete or keep. When it comes to the deleting side of things – you even have the choice to delete immediately, delete to the recycle bin OR delete to a folder called anti-twined – which will store everything until such time as you are ready to delete.

The thing I absolutely LOVE about this program is its ability to compare photos pixel by pixel and determine if 100% match or less – you even get to nominate the percentage of match before the program flags it.

Try anti-twin and if you like it – donate to maintain the program – even $1 helps

**I forgot to mention, the program not only uses english but many other languages as well. So if english is a second language - you can use your native language (if supported!)


  1. It is not a huge problem for me, but I will use it for a couple of things, thanks.

  2. As I said Andrew - I'm one sick puppy - and it's not pretty when you realise you have 10 copies of the same file or similiar.

    I must admit I love the photo pixel by pixel comparision. My dear father used to back-up every time he was prompted - great - BUT..... it meant hw had 10 copies of the same image of his harddrive.

    We the laptop was running out of memory - that was when I started looking and stumbled across the program. 5g - GONE for the hard dirve, after many hours of silent, non-interactive scanning.

    That's why I love it!

    Thanks for the comments