Sunday, July 11, 2010

100 Year Old Postcards & Album - Australia

Below is an old Potcard album - dating back to c1904, belonging to Ethel James The postcards remaining in the album are also below.
I would love to know what this postcard is of - it says 'Roseville' but no other location is provided. I'm assuming Australia

The below inscription was written on the back of the Manly Postcard, seems to indicate that the James family was involved in horse training, riding or owning and made some good money, if the round the world trip is any indication.


c1904, Melbourne


  1. I love old postcards, my grandmother had a heap of them!Might Roseville be this place?

  2. That Roseville sounds like it might be too big - possible - but without external photos and also that the photos prior seem to be of Victoria and NSW exclusively, many not be connected at all.
    Don't know :(
    One day the puzzle may be solved

  3. Postcard "A Dip In The Briny (ocean)" is definitely Manly ocean beach with male bathers in the early swimsuits of the 1900s. Manly is a seaside suburb of Sydney NSW. Perhaps "Roseville" is the name of a residence and not the Roseville which is a northern suburb of Sydney...? Regards and thanks for posting,
    Helen/Manly NSW