Friday, July 9, 2010

Roos, Koalas, Dolphins, "One week, One State, One Family"

The boys went fishing today. I expected to come home from work with fresh fillets sitting in the fridge, alas that was not the case - 8 hours later this is all I have to show for their efforts!

These photos were taken in Port Phillip Bay, Just off Paterson River. This pod of dolphins, played and froliced in the bow waves pretty much the entire day apparently!

I wish I was there.

The below photo was taken about 100m from my front door step, in the back paddock in the tree four down on the north side (as my neighbour described it over the phone)
These trees did not exist 14 years ago, we planted them. These are the benefits I am prepared to accept in the knowledge that these trees also provide fuel for a fire. But as I said, I am prepared to accept that risk.

All the above photos were taken with a point and shoot camera, nothing like the camera used in the shot below. But still a cheap camera can still provide stunning shots!

Caught this old man Kangaroo on the hop about 50m from my front door step. I know it's not brilliant - the camera is 2 weeks old the operator is about 40yo and hasn't the foggiest!

But not too bad I must say so for a 7am just after dawn photo op.

Specifications:- I hope all this makes sense!
Camera Model - Nikon D3000
F-Stop - f/4
Exposure - 1/30 sec
ISO - 800
Focal Length - 28mm

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Please note that no photo has been photoshopped on this blog, cropped yes, photoshopped NO!

Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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  1. Your camera settings make no sense to me, but it is a great picture. If it was a totally clear photo, it would not be so good.

  2. I don't understand the settings either! - but some people obviously do. It was a moments notice thing, I was looking for the koala and stumbled across the roo, so I just aimed and shoot, and that was the best of a series of shots.
    Apparently I was 'tracking' which makes sense I was following his movement

    Thanks for the comments Andrew!

  3. Due to overzealousness on my behalf I deleted many comments so please accept my apologies and the duplicates of said comments back to my blog
    Courtesy of JourneyJottings
    Brilliant photos Heather ~
    You did really well to 'track' and capture the roo... and a koala too, not quite so fast moving but what a great sight!
    Seeing animals in the wild just can't be beaten ;)