Friday, July 23, 2010

I nearly hit a pedestrian today…….

It wasn’t my fault.

How could it be my fault, if
a) he was crossing an 8 lane highway,
b) climbing over a traffic barrier,
c) wearing ear phones for music
d) the pedestrian lights were 200m up the road

I am stunned at peoples stupidity, both in high speed traffic areas and also slow speed traffic areas.

Just yesterday on Hoddle Street, Melbourne, a pedestrian was killed by a truck, No - the truck didn’t climb the curb, nor did the driver run a red light. The truck was stopped in traffic and the pedestrian chose to climb OVER the hitching between the dog and trailer!

In car parks, they are the best, people step off the curb and onto the road, hold up their hand, just like a police officer and expect you to wait. Excuse me, the pedestrian crossing is 20m up the road.

Another thing that really gets up my nose, people with children in tow, instead of waiting for the ‘little green man’ when the button for the lights is pressed, the carers either cross against the lights OR cross 50m away from the lights, without the protection of a pedestrian crossing.

People wonder why children get killed when trying to the cross the road. It’s because the children have no idea of HOW to cross a road. They have never been taught.

Cars can be dangerous, but don’t blame the driver, when the pedestrian walks onto the road, at a spot NOT designed for pedestrians, or actively discouraged by pedestrian barriers.’

I am sure you can add to these examples.

Remember Look left, look right and look left again BEFORE crossing the road. Remember a car is bigger than you and if impact occurs you COULD get killed.

Stay Safe


  1. I am often amazed at the stupidity of some pedestrians. Especially when they blame & curse the driver for not letting them cross the road/car park when the do not have right of way.

    It makes me glad to know that I at least taught my boys to cross the road safely & even teaching them (when they were little) the song I learnt as a child on how to cross the road safely.

    I just wish that there were more good role models out there for kids.

  2. When I was a kid we had a dog that liked to chase cars. Being a dog, he wasn't smart enough to check for a trailer behind the car and was killed. But I am sure he would have never deliberately gone between a car and trailer. Seems he was a little bit smarter than some humans.

  3. Blossy - exactly - the mentality of some people is beyond belief. but then again it comes down to the genes, ... and I shall leave the rest unspoken!

    Andrew - poor baby - he didn;t understand english - so it's not his fault - it's not as though dogs created the car, man did, therefore the dog is excluded from being labelled stupid and dumb.

    Bloss - I used to walk to the light in an attempt to teach my children right from wrong, trust me it was painful sometimes, but it was their life I was holding in my hands.

    Thank-you for the comments!

  4. Wow, that is sheer stupidity re the Hoddle St death. I think society as a whole has gotten dumber, people seem to be doing a lot of stupid things, I'm constantly amazed.

  5. Fen..... you are right - people seem to have got a lot dumber. - I'm not sure why or how, but I suspect the 'nanny state' has something to do with it. The 'state' says what's safe, what's not and if you do something something stupid you sue the state.

    Well that's what it seems from where I am. Maybe slightly over-simplified but still..........

    Thanks for the comments, appreciated