Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Police, The Public and Law and Order

Another day, another death, another story about how the police got it all wrong.

The most recent event occurred in Sydney, resulting in the death of a aggressive individual.

Aggressive, in that he was attempting to break into a house, he was carrying two knives.

The incident in police speak was a ‘domestic dispute” the man then confronted the police officers, whilst carrying two knives.

The police tasered him in an effort to control him, they had their safety, the safety of the public and the safety of the residents to consider.

From the news reports I have read, he then lost consciousness and then his life.

This is the second death in 24 hours, concerning the police and aggressive members of the public in NSW.

If the police hadn’t acted in the manner they had, and the aggressor had left the scene, still carrying the knives or acting aggressively and the offenders subsequently harmed a member of the public. Imagine the outcry.

The police are incapable, the police are useless, the police need to get tough on people like this.

So when the police DO get tough on ‘people like this’ they are then accused of murder.

I’m sorry – but you can’t have it both ways.

The police are employed to protect the law abiding public, the police are employed to stop people assaulting, harassing, or killing other people and yet when they do stop the offenders and the event ends in the death of an offender, they are the worst in the world.

The police are doing the best they can, in a society that appears to have little respect for law and order.

The police don’t use guns now unless absolutely necessary (I agree) Tasers are the next best thing. They at least don’t leave a hole in the chest of the offender the size of a small car.

Next time you call the police in your time of need, don’t be surprised when they can’t come because they are short-staffed, the job of policeman in any state as a career must take beating every time the media reports another death and flogs the members in public for the role they played in that death.

The police do a fantastic job under very hard circumstances and all anyone seems to be able to do is tell them they aren’t doing their jobs.

In my eyes they do their job and more, and yet no-one takes the time to consider they are people too, with fears and family and they too deserve the right to live without being injured on the job.


  1. The media drive this type of reporting against the police. The average law abiding citizen is usually happy for police to do whatever they need to do (within the parameters of the law) to protect themselves and the rest of us.

  2. Yes and No - you ask many and they say the police use unfair/excessive force. Yet when it comes to themselves and their family they take a completely different view

    You can't have your cake and eat it too - even if you are a french nobleman/woman