Friday, March 12, 2010

Fox Hunting with a Jack Russell

The night was quiet, all the humans asleep. The dog was chewing on a rabbit, caught by either cats or dog. The cats were watching waiting for their share.

Suddenly the dog gets a bee in his bonnet and is barking and growling.

The human wakes up and goes to investigate, the cats are howling, the dog has taken off down the back, chasing something that has upset him.

The human enters the paddock, something like a large cat takes off across the paddock, the dog is still going nuts down in the valley. The noise is terrible and is carrying down the valley, I’m sure the neighbours will be investigating soon.

The human, minus torch, follows the dog down the valley, through the fences and onto the dam wall. There fighting in the water is something could be a joey (baby kangaroo) a fox or even a feral cat. Not sure which, as there is only a sliver of moonlight.

The dog and the opponent are the same size, the dog is growling as only a blood thirsty dog can. In and out of water, both animals disappear under the water several times. The dog refuses to be called off. He just looks at the stupid human and says ‘get stuffed, this is my fight’

Some 30 minutes later another human calls down the paddock, looking for the first, not aware that no. 1 human is watching the fight to the death of these two animals. One will not survive the night and with the way the Jack Russell was going – the human thinks it might just be him that wins this bout.
The first human, calls to the second human, “Bring a torch and a camera.” The second human, not knowing what was going on, races back to the house and grabs requested items. The second human, climbs through fences, up and down dale to reach the dam wall. Only to stand beside the first human and say “Call him off, he’s going to get killed”

The first human turns to the second and says “You try, because he won’t listen to me, I’ve been trying for ½ hour and he just looks at me and then continues trying to kill it.”

Suddenly the dog is under the water with whatever it is, the clock ticks, some 30 seconds later the dog emerges and drags whatever it is to the bank. Human No. 1 starts taking pictures, the light, even with the torchlight is low.

It has big ears, skinny legs, still could be a joey, fox or feral cat. Then the smell hits the Humans, no doubt about it, it’s a fox. Only a fox could smell that vile and disgusting.

The dog is now allowing us to take photos, but is still going for the throat. The thing is dead, it has to be dead, it’s not moving.

The dog after about 5 minutes decides it’s dead, the war has been won, he saved his dinner (the rabbit) and all is well. He trots home with the humans, to finish consuming his rabbit.

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