Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yoghurt Plus – Dog Food – Review #2


It’s now been two weeks since Shorty was switched from his normal dog food to Yoghurt Plus.

I thought it was time for an update.

Shorty seems to enjoy the food, because it is self-serve, he seems to willingly go to the bowl and partake in the food. So that is a good sign.

What I did find interesting – was that I had the opportunity to offer the same food to 2 other small dogs, we call them Shorty’s playmates. They come for a visit on an almost daily basis. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share the food around.

Jim, who is playmate of the morning, ate with gusto the first day of offering, again after initially refusing to eat from the bowl, but did eat a piece from my hand and the dived into the bowl of food as soon as that piece was finished. What I did find interesting is that subsequent attempts at offering the food resulted in refusal, either from my hand or the bowl. It’s been over a week now and I can’t get Jim to take any more food.

Pete, (Yes, what lovely names) playmate of the afternoon, refused all enticements. Was not interested. So we have to say that Pete did not like, regardless of attempts and methods used in an attempt to get him to eat a piece. So it’s a bit hard to comment other than to say ‘perhaps’ Pete did not like Yoghurt Plus.

Shorty seems quite content, eating his new food. I haven’t noticed any change in any aspects of his health, be it weight-wise or bad breath. It’s a bit hard to gauge his stools as we live on acreage and he just does what nature intended somewhere in the paddock, sight unseen.

I was thinking about the smell, which I found so off-putting when I opened the bag originally, I may have been put-off by the smell, because I do have slight lactose-intolerance and a dislike of milk products, as a result, as well as a very good sense of smell. My pickiness/dislike may be personal more than anything else.

Shorty seems to be managing better with the size of the pieces this week. So perhaps his initial reluctance was because the product was new and a different size to normal.

I have no problems recommending this product, as long as your dog likes it. I suppose each dog is different to his neighbour and so on and so on!

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