Thursday, March 25, 2010

L is for learning, P is for Practice

Well that’s what I thought this meant when displayed on a vehicles front and rear windows. Until now. Last week, I saw a bronze Mazda, travelling south on Merriang Road, tailgating, speeding, applying make-up AND talking on the mobile, all whilst displaying P plates!

Alright, multi-tasking to the extreme, but let’s look at this closely.

P Plater – needs all their concentration just to drive the vehicle

Tailgating – did not pull back when the vehicle in front applied the brakes, nearly up their clacker

Speeding – the speed limit has just been reduced, yet maintained the old speed of 100kph

Make-up – as soon as the traffic slowed down to 10kpm, the mascara comes out

Mobile Phone – the mascara brush goes down and the phone goes up

FFS – no wonder our kids are being killed left right and centre on Australian Roads, either they don’t care or their parents haven’t drummed into them the importance of driving and single concentration.

It was two weeks ago – that a major newspaper showed that 75% of drivers failed to see the clown on a unicycle whilst talking on a mobile phone and they are experienced drivers!

I keep coming back to the same thing – and that is that my daughter has already been threatened with loss of vehicle either permanently or temporarily depending on what punishment is dished out by the law. We figure license suspension – lose vehicle; demerit point loss – 1 month per point. To disable the car is as simple as applying a steering wheel lock and or removing 1-2 tyres and placing on blocks. Something I am quite capable of doing by myself.

The reason for this is that we own ½ of the car, in that we are paying for 50% of said vehicle, she pays the other 50% and registration AND insurance – so we have the power to disable/sell the car if we choose to due to a poor driving record and don’t think I won’t.

I would rather her walking and alive then driving and dead and if that means a sullen attitude for next couple of months/years then so be it – she can’t afford to buy a car without our funding assistance.


  1. I guess this time, taking the door off won't work.

  2. I'm innocent I swear - I don't pick on other people's children regardless of how irresponsible they behave :( Which is a pity
    Thankfully it wasn't my daughter or I would have taken the wheels off this time!

    for those of you wondering about the door reference (Andrew has a really good memory!) Don't Slam that Door Again
    Have a read and giggle

  3. You know what. I think you are a great Mum! I could just see the wheels being taken off the car if your daughter did something wrong.

    I totally agree though. Young people often wonder why there are so many of their friends or kids around their age involved in accidents or even killed. It's a shame that some kids never learn until its too late.

  4. And I get home to another child losing his life driving :( and what makes it even harder - it could very well ANOTHER 18yo that my daughter knows. When will the funerals stop?

    When will the suicide stop? because that is what it is - or you can call it murder, but people MUST be held accountable for their own actions, therefore suicide seems fitting :(

    I HOPE and pray that I have educated my daughter in what CAN happen simply because of one moments stupidity - that is all I can hope.

    Thank-you Blossy for the comments and YES - she will lose her wheels if she screws up - like I said sullen or dead - I know which I choose and I don;t think it's a hard decision either

  5. Another great post! I agree, better for them to have a bruised ego and stronger walking muscles than to have to deal with the repercussions of a car wreck caused by their own lack of care and attention.


  6. so so agree - but you can probably already tell that!

    Stay safe EVERYONE

  7. I completely agree - I'd take all 4 wheels off, put it on blocks ON THE FOOTPATH OR ROAD, with a sign saying why - a little public embarrassment and shame goes a long way.

  8. Once my now 12yo daughter starts driving, I will be fitting an ODB data logger to the car. What this is is a module that plugs into the car's OBD data port (under the steering wheel, the port used for mechanical diagnostics) and will allow me to log acceleration, braking, location via GPS, etc. I can then download the data via Bluetooth and see where she's been braking too hard, speeding, etc. Punishment can then be delt out appropriately.

    My car, my rules. When she buys her own car, I'll even fit one to that as well, for her own safety, and do it in such a way that if she disconnects it the engine won't start.

  9. Dead-end street here Jon! So little public exposure - but my kids know I sing from the roof tops when proud and will also comment on bad behaviour in public. I have no shame apparently :)

    I have enough trust not to go that far. Plus I don't have the technical savvy to do, unless I pay someone. I'm happy so far - it's been 3 years and no issues, not even a speeding fine. So I can't complain.