Friday, February 12, 2010

Don’t Slam that Door Again

The door slams once, the door slams twice. The door seems to slam every time the teenager enters and exits the room. If this is what family life has deteriorated to, then I am not sure I want to participate anymore.

Laying in bed, thinking, thinking, thinking, how can I stop the door being slammed and the paint cracked?

Thinking, thinking, BINGO!

The next day an ultimatum is issued. Slam that door ONE more time and I shall remove it from its hinges.
“NO, you won’t. You can’t. I’ll tell the teachers”
“Yes I can and Yes I will. I am sick of you trying to bully me and thinking you can get away with it”

Door slams

I grab the meat tenderizer (my great multi-purpose tool) and a 2-inch nail. I enter said teenagers bedroom and proceed to remove pins from door hinges. The entire time abuse is being yelled, threats made and ignored. You know the story, I’m sure.

Pins remove, door off hinge, bedroom no longer has a door.

Silence ensues. Silence is golden. Manners return. No more slamming doors.

Door re-instated 48hrs later and no longer is a door slammed in my house.

Don’t slam that door, Kidlets – it ain’t worth the punishment.


  1. Ha ha. Some nice lateral thinking there.

  2. Thanks Andrew.

    It had got to the stage - drastic misbehaviour called for drastic action. It was quite interesting what you learn can learn about a teenagers vocabulary under the threat of having their bedroom door removed!
    very interesting (and colourful)

    But I had the last laugh

  3. That was good thinking & something I will keep in mind for future reference.

  4. Oh Blossy, I got so sick of jumping every time the door got slammed I HAD to do something - even if it was for my own sanity.
    It worked a treat - even now - still works a treat! - Yes I know evil - but hey I have to try and stay sane somehow
    Seriously it does work though!