Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surgery for my ‘other’ baby

I wasn’t going to say anything – but……………….. well – I am now.

My Jack Russell is in for an operation on his ear – The silly little bugger managed to get a grass seed into his inner ear – which was causing him pain.

The first sign was he was a little ‘off-colour’ but not enough to rush to the vets, then I came home last night and he was tilting his head to the side AND also shaking it. The equivalent of a child pulling at his ear when he has an ear infection.

So an appointment made with the local vets – and off we trot.

I’m used to handling animals – but his ear was so sore – that even with me holding him in a headlock, the vet was unable to see what the problem was and seemed to think I was dreaming. It wasn’t until the consultation was almost over – that I realized the only was to show the vet I wasn't dreaming was to become the vet. So I did and within 30 seconds, my brave little man was whimpering in pain.

When he left me - very reluctantly - he was looking back and managed to hit the door jamb! - Fool that he is! - They promised me he wouldn't pine. I hope not.

Further investigation, resulted in him being kept for sedation and probing of the ear. The sedation done and examination completed. He was found to have a grass seed buried deep in his inner ear.

This can’t just be removed, it requires surgery – lucky me. So instead of traumatising him further, I decided to allow him to remain at the vets overnight for the operation to be done today.

I’ve just rung and apparently they are completing the operation as I write this. My poor little boy.

And………. I’ve just received a call back – he’s fine – but the little bugger looks like he stuck the equivalent of a tree branch into his ear – for all of his 6.6kg mass – he had TWO grass seeds in his ear. What are the chances of that?

These seeds are 5-10mm long and he had TWO OF them IN his ear – no wonder he was in so much pain.

I pick him up at 8pm tonight – fingers crossed

Poor baby!


We are home - and everything is OK - The two seeds pulled out

Total cost $214.00 which is not as bad as what I thought it would be.

There was a little bit of delay and the 'vet' dog "Dr Bill" took a liking to me and decided I was his owner. Sat on the couch next to me and made sure I patted him.

When I was called into the consulting room, Dr Bill followed me and demanded more attention and then was evicted as my little man made his entrance. Dr Bill was waiting outside the exam room for me to return - Cutey!

Thanks for your well wishes - I was lost without my little boy Shorty


  1. awwwww, hope the little fella is happy when he gets home.

  2. Brad - so do I - even coming home tonight - without the bouncing and welcoming - just made the place feel a little lonely - doesn;t matter that my youngest was in the car with me - a dog loves unconditionally and you miss that if you are a dog lover.
    Counting down the minutes - only another 116 minutes and counting LOL

  3. Grass seeds in dog ears is not that unusual, but what happened to dogs before they were looked after by vets? Infection until the seed is pushed out? Shorty is fine. All are happy.

  4. In the 'old' days, no doubt it got infected, they went deaf - or the infection entered the brain and they died. I'm not a big one for vets - I prefer to diagnose and treat myself, where possible.
    In fact when I presented at thew vets and you had to do all the paperwotk - the last contact number they had for me was 015 xxx xxx, just to show the last time they had to call me!
    Yes - he's fine - I just missed the little bugger (who is now safely IN bed with Mstr 11
    Thank-you all for you concern - as I said I was intending to tell - but it came out :(