Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go to Work Naked Day

I’ve just got off the phone after talking to my darling daughter, the conversation went something like this:-

Daughter – have you seen my purple shirt?
Mum – It’s in the laundry, folded in half, I can’t remember which basket
Daughter – I’ve looked, I can’t find it, it’s not on the clothes horse, not in the baskets, not in the tunble dryer, not in the dirties either. Where is it? I’m going to be late
Mum – I told you, it’s folded in half in one of the baskets.
Daughter – it’s not there
Mum – take one of my shirts
Daughter – HUMPH
Mum – then go to work naked

And I hung up the phone.

She’s 18 and working 9hrs during the day and 15hr of an evening through the week. She pays minimum board (See **Here**) She doesn’t help around the house at the moment unless she wants something, so I am not going to make her life any easier than normal.

I think I handled it well - would you have done anything differently?


  1. i would drown her =D

  2. I thought about that - but then realised the consequences wouldn't be worth it! ;)