Monday, February 22, 2010

Yoghurt Plus – Dog Food – Review #1


I’ve been asked to review the product Yoghurt Plus, as the title suggests it is a dog food. I have a Jack Russell called Shorty and he’s going to help assess this product!

I received delivery of the product today – so today is as good a time as any to start reviewing Yoghurt Plus.

I received 2 flavours – the first one we are trying is the Lamb, Rice and Vegetable.

My first impressions are the packaging looks nice and the size (1.25kg) is just right for handling and pouring into the bowl.

I opened the sealed alfoil type pack with a pair of scissors, the first thing I notice is the smell. It’s very strong. Perhaps dairy based (which could be from the yoghurt)

I placed the dry pieces in the normal bowl that I feed the Shorty in (He’s self-serve), he sniffed it and looked at me.

I gave him 1 piece from my hand, he ate it with a slight struggle. The piece is bigger than what he is used to – but he did willingly eat it.

He then returned to the bowl and ate several pieces. So for the first ‘meal’ It would appear that he is happy.

Further information can be found at

Just to give you an idea of the size and Shorty’s possible reluctance to eat – each Yoghurt Plus piece is the equivalent of 2.7 pieces of the dry food he normally eats.

In size he is a standard size Jack Russell – weighs 6.6kilo (last week) – I don’t think that would have changed much!

Regular updates will ensue – looks good and is readily available at Coles.


  1. Hi there,
    Yes, good to see another yoghurt trial guinea pig! I like that your feeding method is self-serve. Bangers and Mash would implode from too much food I think if left to their own devices! Is Shorty enjoying his food? Bangers actually leapt up this morning when I got the food out of the pantry!

  2. meemuncher - He's eating like normal, so would appear okay - I'll probably refill his bowl tonight. I've found some dogs - depending on their backgrouns will scoff food, he doesn't, Thankfully. Our previous dog a Rottweiler was also self-serve!
    I think he finds the size and issue, as I commented the pieces are bigger and he's a delicate little powder puff. forgetting about the Fox Hunting expedition he took himself on (post yet to come)
    I'll keep posting and see what happens - might weigh him next month and see if there is any change (He's not overweight)
    Thanks for the comments!