Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It’s Red, Very Red!

The neighbours are not happy, the cat is not happy and the dog is definitely not happy!

This all started the day the concrete was laid. I got this crazy idea, let’s paint the floor of the new shed – FIRE ENGINE RED!

Yup – new shed, new concrete floor to be painted fire engine red!

Why? – don’t know – but I thought a good idea.

The idea was run past the neighbours, they shook their heads and thought we were mad.

We are mad! – Hubby went to the local concrete suppliers, who sold us their reddest paint – it was terracotta.

Two coats and the floor is RED! – smiles from hubby and I.

The neighbours still think we are mad – and I agree with them, it’s easier than disagreeing!

My red floor will knock your socks off – boy does it look good and boy is it shiny!

I love my red shed floor!

Oh the cat is not happy – she now has red feet and the dog is not happy he got in the wrong spot at the wrong time and is now known as red spot dog!

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