Monday, February 8, 2010

The tooth-fairy predicament

The excitement of a lost tooth;the excitement of placing the lost tooth in the glass on the bathroom vanity or under the pillow.

And then it is time for the tooth fairy to do his/her work.

Waiting, waiting the tooth fairy waits for the child to sleep. The child is excited, it’s getting late.

The tooth-fairy nods off, the tooth forgotten.

The tooth-fairy finds a pillow to rest their weary head. The tooth fairy falls asleep.

The sun is rising, oh no, the tooth fairy forgot.

Mad rush, the child is awake, the tooth-fairy can’t visit now, the tooth fairy despairs.

But there is a solution!

The tooth-fairy was tired, I am sure they haven’t forgotten. The tooth fairy will come tomorrow, don’t worry little one, I promise.

Not all is lost – just be convincing and your little one will believe for one more day.

Wish the tooth fairy well – without belief there is no magic and the world would be a sad place.

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  1. I'm a tooth fairy - I still have some teeth fro 24yr old and 22 yr old - after all I bpaif for them!