Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Walk therefore I am…. ...........................

It’s hard to describe the pain I am in some days – the doctors admit there is little they can do, other than ‘manage’ the pain until such time as I can no longer deal with it.

Sounds ominous doesn’t it? – Apparently IF I was to undergo the knife – I have a 60% to 70% chance of amputation if they do operate.

This is what my leg looks like

What you see there is a non-union spiral diagonal fracture of the fibula – with an accompanying crush injury. I suppose this is what happens when you play with horses.

Most days I walk under my own steam with no assistance, for longer jaunts I take a stick as a precaution, and I carry crutches in the car for bad days; Which thankfully have been few and far between.

Refer HERE for the events leading up to my leg being permanently broken.

Sometimes I feel like the walking dead, sometimes I would love to curl up in a corner and let the world rumble by and forget about me – but life doesn’t work like that.

Therefore I walk, therefore I am.

Stay strong, each challenge that life places upon your shoulders is done for some reason unknown to us – but I believe there is a reason for every event in our life.

I have to believe that or I think I would go mad!


  1. oh ouch.
    You're right, life doesn't work like that and we have to keep going. Just make sure you take time out to look after yourself (which I'm sure you do).
    Sorry you lost both the horse and your mobility all in one day. Big blow.

  2. Fen, Moi? Time out? - LOL - seriously - not something that I do - simply because to stop often means pain - the mind is a wonderful thing - keep it busy and the pain tends to stay away!
    Thanks for the thoughts - they are appreciated - I suppose I see people crying over a litre of spilt milk and I wonder why - it's only milk - They just don't get life sometimes!

  3. Different things affect people in different ways I guess. I have 2 chronic illnesses and I get so very frustrated at some of the people who have similar things who just become victims. But then I figure it's their life to live and who am I to tell them how to live it!

  4. but you know what? - the 'victims' get all the cream and we are left with the vinegar - because we CHOOSE to get on with what life dishes out.
    Yet we ask for help and we have to beg and even then denied.
    yet the 'victims' get everything given to them and they don't even have to ask in the end.
    Although believe it or not? - Life seems bad - but I think my attitude allows me to see the good in many things!

  5. Does this mean your leg can't heal? Jaysus that is hard to get a handle on.

  6. That's exactly what it means - bones grinding everytime I'm naughty!

    The price you pay sometimes - there are others worse than me - so I really shouldn't complain!